Real Hawk Talk Episode 69: Roster Reactions & 2019 Season Predictions

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The fellas get together to discuss the final roster cuts and who made it, as well as going through each game of the season and predicting the results.

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  1. Yo, Melanie, get Houston on the phone. Set ’em up on speed dial. (Let’s trade some more with the Amateur Hour Gang).

    I believe that the “skill” involved in this transaction, was to not offer an arm and a leg and a hip replacement for Clowney right out of the gate. A learned skill, I think, and if so, it makes J.S. a better GM now than back in his early days, in which he tended to overpay, at times. Pete’s been around the NFL block too. A big deal, obviously, because not everybody gets better at their job. We all make mistakes (Capt. Obvious here), but we don’t all learn from them. Here’s to health and a serious SB run. Again.

  2. First off, I’m glad to see none of the guys went the “We’re in the Super Bowl now” route that some naïve fans are cheering. The trade for JC will likely improve the D front, but one player can’t make that big a swing on the seasonal outcome of a team. I do think Ernst is closest on where the season record will likely end up, and how far the Hawks will advance, though he’s a tad bit more optimistic than me. I hope they’re correct, but we have to see how the injury bug bites during the season.

    Just to tap the brakes a little more, we should remember these guys in Houston are the same ones who pulled the dubious “failed physical” trick with Lane in the Brown trade and Mingo has yet to have that administered. And if the reports out this morning are accurate, their embarrassment is even larger because supposedly the Texans are eating almost half of Clowney’s salary this season because it was paid as a bonus. They gave a small king’s ransom to Miami yesterday afternoon, so might want to play that bait and switch game again to get another draft pick instead of Mingo. Hope not but we’ll see.

    It seems strange that folks tend to over react to the “final” cut down to 53 each season. In the next few days there will probably be several adjustments all as part of the “hide the pickle” game that management has to play because of CBA and league limits imposed. If the news about the salary split on Clowney is accurate, and ends up that way after the shuffle games are played, they should have cap room to manage what they need to do without the doom some are spouting.

    All in all the team is shaping up pretty nicely considering what it looked like it might have been from the end of last season. Good job JS.

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