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The crew is back and ready to discuss the 2020 football season.

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2 Responses

  1. rowdy yates

    PC shoulda told JS to ask some other “girl” to the prom. Now Pete’s gonna sit at home, all jilted.

  2. rowdy yates

    So, I wonder if JC intentionally misled Pete.

    PC should have told JS to give JC a put-up-or-shut-up date. At which point, PC &JS should have signed some pass rushers willing to play for the Seahawks.

    PC should also make better than real time game decisions. Instead of repeatedly going “hormonal.”

    A few years ago, I argued that PC was a a HOF coach. Now I believe PC’s only great in some areas, and doesn’t recognize his weaknesses, such as efficient delegation. It seems I’m one of those fans who didn’t give PC a life time pass, cuz of SB 48.

    But mediocre to bad drafts, mismanagement of games and no improvement on the DL is @ Pete’s door. He is, after all, the boss.

    Go Bruce & Benson.


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