nflfastR Play by Play Explorer

For those who’ve read my articles on Hawkblogger, you’ll know I’m a big supporter of analytics and advanced statistics. Things like expected points, win probability, and CPOE typically require a programming language to explore, or are only available at the game or season level.

In order to make this data more accessible on a play level, I’ve created a Tableau dashboard to explore play by play data, provided by nflfastR. While there’s a ton more data available in the full play by play repository, this has the core set of fields to provide key information about a play.

Below is a screenshot of what you’ll see when opening up the dashboard. There’s a large array of filters to slice the data to specific games, passers, downs, and more. I hope this serves as a useful tool and helps lower the barrier to advanced statistics.

I would also like to extend a thank you to Ben Baldwin and Sebastian Carl who created nflfastR. Without their hard work this wouldn’t be possible.