Gameday Thread: Seahawks @ 49ers

The kids are out the door, and I’ve settled into the recliner. We have friends coming over with their kids around 4:30, so the Hawks better win, or we may have fewer friends after today. I’m going into this game a little ornery, so here’s to hoping the Hawks give me something to cheer about.

Pre-Game Thoughts
The Seahawks need to win first down, both on offense and defense. The Hawks offense can be productive if they are working with 2nd & 6 or less. If we’re seeing lots of 2nd & 9 and 3rd & 7, I don’t see us putting up many points. The 49ers offense certainly will want to establish the run, and if they are getting 4+ yards on first down, it really relieves pressure on the rest of their game. The more times the Hawks force Alex Smith to beat them on 3rd down instead of Gore, the better.