No Likey Injuries

DJ Hackett goes down indefinitely early in the week. I can handle that. LeRoy Hill has been on crutches all week, but has insisted that he was going to play. Okay, no biggie. Shaun starts sporting a cast/brace on his hand. Unnnnnncomfortable! Obamanu is held out the first week to be cautious with his hamstring, and yet he is still limited in practice this week. Enough already!

I was reading all this at Frank Hughes’ blog, and thinking the only one that really concerns me is Obamanu. Hamstring injuries tend to linger, and I’d hate to lose him for a long stretch while Hackett is out. I’m also really eager to see him at full speed in the offense to see what he can do. I thought he might surprise the Cards this week, and maybe he still will.

I guess it’s better than being a Blazers’ fan today. Oh wait. I grew up in Portland. I think I’ll stop reading sports news for a little while.

Is it Sunday yet?