Things to look for against Tampa

50 yard line on an american football field

1. Run defense
Tampa’s offensive line is not dominant. Cadillac Williams is a tough runner, but won’t beat you by himself. As is the case in most Seahawks games, holding the Bucs under 100 yards rushing is paramount. Do that, and you pretty much have a win.

2. Borrow Jake Locker
Just kidding. Nice player, though, and impressive win for the Huskies today.

3. Rhythm in the passing game
The 2005 Hawks were able to run to setup the throw. This year’s team will need to return to Holmgren’s roots and get the running lanes open with the short passing game. Tampa loves to disrupt the timing of the passing game with blitzes. Tampa has solid starters at the CB position in Ronde Barber and Brian Kelly. This would be a great time to have Bobby Engram and/or Nate Burleson challenge their nickel backs and safetys.

4. Marcus Pollard
The tight end usually gets a few chances to exploit the seams of the Tampa-2 defense. It will be interesting to see how much of role Pollard will play right out of the gates.

5. Tampa WR
Most folks aren’t looking at the wideouts from Tampa going into this game, except for a mention of Joey Galloway. There is a height issue that could come into play. Kelly Jennings (5’10” 178 lb) gets to match up against Maurice Stovall (6’5″ 220 lb), and Josh Wilson (5’9″ 192 lb) gets Michael Clayton (6’4″ 215 lb) if he plays the nickel spot. It won’t take long for veteran QB Jeff Garcia to find those mismatches. Jordan Babineaux could be part of the solution.