Hawks vs. Browns: Some thoughts the night before

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I need a favor. Could someone please convince me that we’re going to win tomorrow? All my experienced Hawks fan alarm bells are going off with this one.

The fan base and media has clearly exhaled after a misleading 33-6 rout two weeks ago and some misplaced confidence in the bye week getting us healthy. Why does it matter what fans and the media think? We’re all people folks. The fans, the media, the players, the coaches. What’s a logical thought pattern to one group is likely to be found in the others.

Before I go too far down the sports psychology route (that was career choice #3 for hawkblogger back in the day), the football item that won’t get out of my head is that I don’t see our offense scoring the 30+ in this game I think they need to.

I don’t like the type of injury Matt has. I don’t like that it’s been four weeks since I saw Deion Branch yell “I’ll be back,” while being carted off before halftime of the Steelers game, and he’s still not back. I certainly don’t like that Holmgren is so out of ideas with his running game that Pork Chop Womack is our best potential cure. And that’s just the offense.

Even after watching 10 episodes of Entourage (my new favorite series, thank you netflix), I can’t shake the feeling that I’m going to be steaming about my 4-4 Seahawks this time tomorrow. Let’s see what a crappy night’s sleep with an hour stolen out from under me will do for my intuition…