Game Thread: Hawks @ Browns

This is a bellwether game for the Hawks on many fronts.

1) Can the passing game find the rhythm it’s lacked since Branch went out in Pittsburgh?
2) Will the offensive line assert itself in the running game? (remember when people were complaining that we were only running well in the second half? who would have thought those would have been our best games running the ball?)
3) Will DJ Hackett have an impact in his return?
4) Can we win a game with our offense this year?

1) Are we really a top tier defense, or just inconsistent posers?
2) Can we get a consistent pass rush? From our DEs?
3) Will our injuries at DT show up when we play a power running back?
4) Are tall receivers who makes plays on balls in the air going to haunt us all year?

PREDICTION: After a week of feeling like we’re going to lose, I woke up seeing 27-24 Seahawks. Time will tell if that is just gameday enthusiasm.

I may be on DVR delay due to a year end soccer party for my oldest. I won’t bore you with all the details of how my defensive game plan led to a shutout of the best 6-year-old soccer team in our league.