Observation from today, Seahawks win 30-23

Thanks for the kind words, csu91. It’s certainly never easy to lose family. Now, let’s talk football.

Great win for the Hawks today. Our overall aggression has really stood out for me the last two games, especially on offense. We are attacking on every series. The Bears played a motivated game today, and I give the Hawks a lot of credit for shaking off an early 10 pt deficit to come roaring back. Even more impressive was that they never seemed to have a doubt that they would. They were a *rare* DJ Hackett drop, and a Josh Brown missed FG away from 40 pts today.

All the receivers had great games. Branch gives us that great threat off the line. Bobby is the same guy every week. Hackett makes a huge difference. Nate made a fantastic grab for that TD.
And, c’mon folks. Tell me your not excited every time Weaver touches the ball. Did you see that block today?! Those tough catches and yards?

Even Marcus Pollard started to make an impact again.

The biggest concern is Matt’s health. I’m not sure having him throw 44 times/game is going to keep him on the field for the rest of the year, but I’d be hard-pressed to change the gameplan now.

Great game for Mo today as well. I have a feeling Shaun will be “injured” for a while longer.

Last thing I noticed on offense is the o-line held their own against a terrific front four. Two sacks against 44 throws is not bad at all.

On defense, give the game ball to the DBs. Have you ever seen a game where Seahawk DBs made that many plays on the ball? I must have seen five or six textbook breaks on the ball that resulted in the pass being batted down. Tru, Jennings, and Grant led the way.

Kerney all-of-a-sudden has 7.5 sacks. He has 4 sacks and 2 FF in the last two games. I’d love to see a strong finish from him.

The other guy that stood out was LeRoy Hill. He was everywhere today.

The coaching was solid, and heck, we had only two penalties for 20 yards. Throw in the five false starts from the fans, and you just have a really solid win.

Now we have 4 of the last 6 on the road. We need to win two of those. Don’t overlook the Rams next week.