On Further Review: Hawks @ Rams

I watched the second half of the game again in about 20 mins (thank you DVR!).

  • Chris Gray had a horrible game. That guy looks done. He was beaten on running plays, passing plays, physical plays and mental plays. I assumed the Hawks were playing mind games a bit when they were subbing in Pork Chop for both Sims and Gray in practice. Based on what I just saw, they were serious about subbing for both of them. It’s a little sad that we don’t have someone better to sub in there.
  • I officially think we can find a better long snapper. Where is JP Darche when you need him? FGs have been an adventure and Plack has been far worse on punts.
  • The Hawks D was walking on a high wire in the second half. The Rams were in Hawks territory multiple times, and often mere yards away from FG range. They got a Trufant pick, a Kearney sack and a number of incompletions when they threatened.
  • Bobby Engram is playing as fast as I’ve ever seen him.
  • The throw Hass made to Branch at the 8 min mark was All Pro. He had been hit all day long, and here was another rusher in his face, his primary read was covered, and he makes the split second decision to hit Branch over the top and does it with touch over the defenders. Great play.
  • Great push by the o-line on the TD run. They were three yards downfield on the right side by the time Weaver caught up to them. He ran with some bad intentions, too.