DRAFT TANGENT: Too good to be true

50 yard line on an american football field

I’ve been talking draft with some friends the past couple weeks regarding the Hawks. We all agree that we need some o-line help, defensive tackle, and my current favorite, running back. (Although punter is rapidly going up the charts)

My dream would be for a back like Jonathan Stewart or Darren McFadden to find his way onto our roster. My mostly uneducated guess is that these guys are early 1st rounders and would require us making a major trade to land them. I, for one, am in favor of such a dramatic move based on what I’ve seen at the RB and o-line position this year, and where we are in our “championship window.”

While trolling the web for Hawks news just now, I came across this ESPN Mock Draft (requires insider subscription) that predicts this for the Hawks:

24. Seattle Seahawks

Current record: 8-4
Scouts Inc.’s three biggest needs: OL, S, TE
Projected pick: Jonathan Stewart*, RB, Oregon
The Seahawks have some tough questions to ponder at the running back position in the upcoming offseason. Will Shaun Alexander return to form? Can Maurice Morris be the full-time load-carrier if not? Stewart has yet to indicate his intentions but it wouldn’t be a bit surprising if he followed QB Dennis Dixon out of Eugene. Stewart has the versatility, power and burst to thrive in coach Mike Holmgren’s system.

Can I get an “amen?” How sweet would that be? He can catch, run inside, run outside and just plain run away from people. Not to mention the hometown ties.

My heart says “yes!” but my head says the guy is nuts. Stewart is probably a Top 15 pick after the combine. Even so, it’s fun to dream.

I forwarded this post to one of my friends that is a die-hard Duck fanatic. Here’s his take:

Your Seahawks can’t have Stewart….yet! I need him for one more year! No word out of Eugene yet. I’ve heard he’s leaving, staying etc… He has the opportunity to be the best back in Oregon history if he stays. His career has been great but he has underachieved a little bit with the injuries so it would be great to have him for one more year. I’ve heard that he really is a down-home kid that promised his mom a degree and really isn’t caught up in a lot of the hype and other things that I young prospect gets caught up in.

On the flip side I look at him and say how can’t he go. He has battled injuries throughout his career but has been fortunate enough not to blow a knee or have a severe injury that could threaten him long-term. This guy will be a combine king, so if he does come out expect his draft status to rise after his performance in the combines.

I just hope he stays, if we can have Jonathan Stewart and a healthy Jeremiah Johnson in the backfield next year it will help cope with the loss of Dennis “heisman” Dixon. By the way it was an insult that Dixon didn’t even get invited to New York for the Heisman. East Coast Bias sons of b*tches.

You have to give it to those Ducks fans. They’re nothing if not classy. 🙂

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  1. I don’t follow college, so I can’t comment on Stewart. But I think improving the o-line should be the first priority. With that toughened up, our run game will be sufficient to get us through another season, and it’ll keep Matt healthier.

    No use spending a ton on a great RB that can’t do anything because of the line.

  2. I agree that the line is the first priority, but I don’t know enough about the o-lineman coming out to say if there is a must-have talent.

    If you were to tell me there was a replacement for Walt or Hutch in there, I’d be all over it.

    I just have seen young RBs make an immediate impact time and again. We may have a decent line and not even really know it. Our pass protection hsa been good, and we’ve blocked draw plays well. Maybe the right RB makes all the difference in this case.

  3. Duck fans are some of the classiest fans in the nation. Hey Hawkblogger, Quest field is a great place to watch a game but you should do yourself a favor and come down to Autzen Stadium on a Saturday for a real college football experience. You aren’t getting that up there with the Fuskies!
    I would love to see Stewart go to the Hawks. We are forced to watch the Hawks every Sunday in Portland so it would be fun to watch J-Stew and Mo-Mo tearing it up for the Hawks….Bring some excitement to quest field!

    ps bring your earplugs to Autzen

  4. Hey Duckster,

    I’ve been at Autzen more than once for Ducks games. Eugene is a good college town. I can’t say the word “classy” came to mind when watching games there. Although, the “Huck the Fuskies” t-shirts are pretty classic.

    I think you need to raise the U of O GPA requirements to 1.5 to start attracting the classy kids.

  5. Hey HawkBooger,

    I’m pretty sure the last time you were at Autzen was the late 80’s or early 90’s. Comparing Autzen and the Ducks in that era to what they are today would be like Comparing the Kingdome and the awful Seachickens of the late 80’s/early 90’s to Qwest Field and the modern day Seachickens.

    For the record back in 1993 a 2.85 GPA and slightly above average SAT scores would barely get you into the University of Oregon. I happen to know someone extremely well that got in with those marks and I also know someone else who got put on a waiting list with similar stats. Since than the requirements to get in have largely increased and I’m hearing rumblings of Oregon quickly becoming the Ivy League University of the West!

  6. Hmmm…how would you know when I was at Autzen, Ducky?

    You see, as great as college was, I’ve tried to grow past it. It would pretty sad if I was stuck reliving past glory.

    Next thing you know, you’re going to be telling me about how awesome it is to watch Lakeridge Pacers football games. Or, maybe the Hallinan Hawks?

    Get back to me when you watch big boys football.

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