On Further Review: Cardinals @ Seahawks

I watched the game on DVR, and here are some more thoughts:

– Shaun deserves a ton of credit for that 4th down run. The fullback went the other direction, and there was nothing there. Shaun saw the opening and made the play on his own. That’s what makes him special.

– Red zone update: Cards were 3 for 3 scoring TDs in the red zone. The Hawks were 3 for 5. Not a great day for red zone defense.

– Kerney is a complete player. He made a number of great plays against the run. It’s easy to lose track of that with the flurry of sacks.

– Does anyone miss D-Jack? I certainly don’t. Seeing those amazing catches again just made me think about Seahawks past with those brutal, momentum-killing drops. You know how they talk about 4 pt swings in basketball when one team misses an opportunity on offense and the other team makes a play? I wonder if you could quantify the difference between a team that drops catchable balls and one that turns likely incompletions into catches.

– Did you see Chop running down the field on that Weaver screen? Wow. He looks in better shape than I’ve ever seen him. That guy could make a difference this season.

– Mebane’s gotta work on the sack dance. What was that?

– I’m really eager to see us get Hackett back. He really brings a unique dimension to the offense.

– Kearney’s new nickname (on this blog, at least) is Drago

– That PI on Tru was horseshit. It was crap when I saw it live, and it was even worse when seeing it on tape.

– Hugh Millen made a great point about Tru’s big INT after the onside kick. The play the Cards ran was designed to have Edgerrin James out in the flat. They decided to leave him in to help Levi Brown block Drago, and that allowed Trufant to play a deep zone because he didn’t have to honor the pass in the flat. Really interesting to the see the chain of events that led up to that huge play.