Game Thread: Seahawks @ Falcons

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I admit to not having scouted the Falcons at all. I know they gave the Cars a good game last week on the road and all that the national media coverage has told me (for what that’s worth).

Basically, we’re looking for a few simple things today:

– Stay healthy
– Play with aggression
– Try to keep the running game going
– Seneca’s development
Is he any better than he was last season?

– Who mops up at the RB spot?
It used to be Mo, but he’s kind of the starter now.

We’ve been told that this is a professional locker room with great leaders. I believe that. Winning a game like this would validate those beliefs a bit. Seahawks teams of the past would definitely lose this. My head is telling me we’re going to lose, but I’m hoping for a solid victory leading us into the playoffs.