Observation from today, Seahawks win 42-21

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That is how we roll.

I’m back home, and on kid duty until they turn in for the night, but managing to sneak in a little blogging during bath time.

Fun game all around. It was great to see the Hawks leave no doubt they are the best in their division and a contender in the NFC.

Quick thoughts:

  • On of the best receiving games in Hawks history. Three of the four TD receptions were fantastic plays by the receiver. Engram’s is one of the best TD catches I’ve seen from a Hawk ever. Amazing concentration on that one. Pollard’s strength and focus was amazing. Branch followed up a great sideline grab with a perfectly timed TD along the endline. I don’t think a ball hit the turf in the first half except when Matt was throwing it away.
  • We now have 11 INTs in the past 3 games. E-l-e-v-e-n.
  • I just noticed our defense was holding opposing QBs to the lowest QB rating in the NFL heading *into* this game (68.5). That’s worth highlighting. I haven’t heard that anywhere.

  • They have 15 sacks in the last 4 games (Kearney has 9 of them)
  • With 13.5 sacks, Kearney is now only 3 sacks away from Michael Sinclair’s team sack records of 16.5. With 13.5 sacks, 3 FF and an INT, Kearney now needs to be mentioned as an NFC Defensive Player of the Year.
  • Holmgren haters should stay in their holes today. That guy deserves nothing but praise for taking a perennial loser and turning them into a 5-time division champ during his watch (don’t forget his first year in the AFC West).
  • Shaun haters should stay in their hole as well. I was appalled to hear boos on the first possession. Are you kidding me? We’re trying to clinch the division, and you start booing? I thought Shaun played well when given the chance today, but that’s not even the point. Stop the buzz kill crap, and support your team…your whole team (except Plackemeier).
  • Matt was outstanding again. Outstanding.
  • Pass protection was great. The one sack they gave up was on Matt when he just ran into the line. Not sure what he was doing there.
  • What can you say about Tru that hasn’t already been said today? When is the last time the Hawks had back-t0-back games where a player had 3 picks?
  • Play of the day was the Trufant pick after the Cards recovered the onsides kick. Huge play.
  • Worst play of the day was giving up that onsides kick. Wake up! That’s at least the fourth time that’s been tried against us, and two have worked. I was sitting there in the stands saying, “watch for the onsides kick,” and I’m not paid a cent to look for that.
  • Good to have Scooby back on special teams. That guy was our special teams captain heading into last season, so he’s a difference maker. Teaming him with Niko and Herring will pay some dividends (and already has)
  • The Weaver screen was a great call.
  • Jennings had another nice game. He’s a key part of this secondary solidifying. I would not be shocked to see him get a pick in the coming weeks.
  • DE Howard Green (#94) got the first snaps I’ve seen of him this season. Big fella, and played roughly 30% of the snaps. He looks like he could help out against the run.
  • Larry Fitzgerald is going to be a Hall of Famer if he stays healthy. That kid plucks the ball out of the air better than any WR I’ve ever watched. It’s like his hands form a black hole and suck all matter into them. (Yes, I’m a geek)
  • Hawks are now +13 in giveaway/takeaway. Best in the NFC, and near the top of the NFL
  • This was Hasselbeck’s best game in terms of QB rating this season (131.6)

I don’t think we have any chance at the 2nd seed, so staying healthy is now our #1 goal. I need to now figure out what needs to happen so that we don’t have to play the Vikings in the first round.

More later.