PLAYOFFS: Might be more like 2005 than we thought

As you’re likely aware by now, the Seahawks current first-round opponent changed to the Washington Redskins yesterday when they beat the Vikings.

My first thought, was “hooray!” I thought Minnesota was among the hottest teams in football, and could bring two things that travel well into Qwest, a good defense and a good running game.

After spending some time this morning looking more closely at the Redskins, I’m not so sure we’re getting the best outcome. For all the significant strengths the Vikings have, they have some clear weaknesses. Namely, their QB is bad and their passing defense is weak.

The Redskins have no clear strength on offense, but are strong all around on defense. They might have the strongest threesome at CB with Shawn Springs, Carlos Rogers, and Fred Smoot. For obvious reasons, I was getting comfortable with the idea of having one of the league’s worst passing defenses (Minnesota) come to face our offense. The Redskins will make it much tougher.

Looking back at our 2005 playoff run, you could argue that our toughest game (including the Super Bowl) was against the Redskins.

If I could choose, I would still love to see the Saints come to town again. That’s pretty unlikely at this point.