Analysis: Zorn to leave Hawks

Although, there is still not formal confirmation, it appears Jim Zorn is leaving to become the Redskins offensive coordinator.

I hate this move. If it’s true that he is leaving because the Seahawks front office refused to give him assurances past this season, I really hate this move.

Zorn represented a great chance to retain some continuity after Holmgren leaves next year with our #1 asset, Hasselbeck. Matt has said time and again that he thinks very highly of Zorn. He trusts him. He respects him, and he listens to him.

I would argue that Zorn was the most valuable assistant on staff to retain past this year. I wouldn’t lose much sleep if Marshall or Haskell moved on (as they likely will).

Losing Zorn was a needless risk. I certainly hope Ruskell is not going to replace coaches based on whether they were “his” guys or not. Look at what’s best for the team and get over your ego.