Seahawks get the #1 pick in the draft?

An article on ESPN has me wondering what it would take for the Hawks to get the #1 pick in the draft and who we’d take if we got it.

I’m of the belief that you have very few opportunities to be in championship window, and you should do everything in your power to get there. I’m not sure what the price tag will be, but I’d certainly give up our #1 this year and next, plus some additional draft picks.

If we got that pick, the choice would have to be between the most dominant defensive tackle (at least in terms of buzz) in the last 5 drafts, Glenn Dorsey, and a franchise running back in Darren McFadden.

The question becomes, would either of those guys get us far enough to win the big one? Or, at least, who gets us closest? Perhaps surprising to some, I would lean toward Dorsey. Dominant defensive tackles are far less common than strong starting running backs. What happens on the off-chance that Marcus Tubbs is healthy all next year? We could have the most dominant defensive line in football. That could catapult us into the top 5 in defense in the NFL.

Even with a great running back, I’m not convinced we make a big difference in the running game without things falling into place on the offensive line. I also think you could get a future starting back in the third or fourth round–like Ray Rice–in this draft because it’s so deep.

What would you give up, and who would you take?