Hey Redskins, you can’t handle our passing game

Defensive backs take part of their traditional pregame huddle before taking the field for warmups.

Alright. I’m feeling a little feisty tonight. The Redskins are the best team on the planet, right? They are hot and on a mission. They play in the rough, tough, NFC East and have a Hall of Fame coach.

The Seahawks are inconsistent, weak, chokers with no tradition that play in the pansy NFC West.

Well, suck on this, Redskins:

You haven’t played a top 10 passing team during your win streak. And, no, the Cowboys don’t count because they barely showed up. I’m feeling generous, though, so let’s include the Cowboys game and look at whole season to see how you did.

Let’s see:
#1 New England (QB Rating 116)
Skins lost 52-7

#3 Dallas (QB Rating 97.1)
Skins lost 28-23
Skins won 27-6

#6 Green Bay (QB Rating 95.9)
Skins lose 17-14

#8 Tampa Bay (QB Rating 91.7)
Skins lose 19-13

So, if I’m feeling really generous and giving you that piece of crap win over the Cowboys in the season finale, you are still 1-4 against good passing teams. And guess what? The pitiful, hopeless Hawks sport a #7 ranking with a 91.8 QB rating.

How you like me now? Sweatin’ a little? Good. Hasselbeck and the boys are going to roll your asses.

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