Hyde Hawks Still Better

The Seahawks trouble on the road last year was well chronicled. They were a completely different team, especially on defense. They went 3-5 away from Qwest, 3-6 if you include the playoffs. I thought it would be interesting to compare the “bad” Seahawks to the normal Bills.

2007 “Road” Seahawks
Pts For: 19.29
Pts Against: 19.43
Total Yards For: 314.72
Rushing For: 84.86
Passing For: 229.86
Total Yards Against: 333.57
Rushing Against: 118.57
Passing Against: 215

2007 Bills
Pts For: 15.8
Pts Against: 22.1
Total Yards For: 277.1
Rushing For: 112.5
Passing For: 164.6
Total Yards Against: 362.9
Rushing Against: 124.6
Passing Against: 238.4

They managed to outrush the “bad” Hawks, but that’s it. Think about that. The Seahawks played their worst football on the road last year to the point that it is a major focus point going into this season, yet they still statistically outperformed the Bills in almost every category.