Reaction: Hawks beat 49ers 34-13

Nice to see a win today, and a road win at that. The 49ers were just what the doctor ordered. They overwhelmed the Seahawks with mistakes. They had no choice but to eventually start taking advantage of them, and once they did, it seemed like the whole defense said, “Oh yeah! That’s what it’s like to play with our heads out of our asses!”

Leonard Weaver earned some more reps, and should continue to be a nice option for a struggling offense against the blitzing Eagles next week. The points were great, but there were not too many plays that project as sustainable against an average NFL defense.

It is possible we could find a way to rise up and shock the Eagles next week at home, but my suggestion is to savor this feeling because the odds are it could be a while until we get something like this again.

A few other things I noticed:

– Daryl Tapp played an inspired game, but it takes about 20 great plays to make up for not recovering that first fumble. That play could have been the difference in the game…except that it wasn’t.

– Rocky Bernard needs to play all his games in SF. He really showed up today.

– You can say Josh Wilson got lucky on having the ball thrown right too him, but we’ve seen plenty of Seahawks defenders not take advantage of chances like that (see Tapp)

– Interesting that the defense looked the same without Tatupu as it did with it. He’s been a non-factor this year.

– Seneca is still not close to the QB I saw in the preseason, and yes, that’s accounting for the fact that it was preseason. His throws are not on point. He improved this week, but will need to make major strides against the Eagles next week.

– Nice game by the offensive line.

– I love Mike Holmgren. Did you see him scream after Wilson’s pick six? After all he had to deal with this week and this season, that was pretty cool to see the passion still there. That’s the reason to hope for improvement.

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