Games like the one we saw yesterday only happen when one team comes ready to play and the other does not. A full hour before kickoff yesterday, it was very clear which team had energy and enthusiasm. I tweeted about it at the time, but I’d be lying if I told you I expected an outcome like that.

The most likely scenario is that the Hawks season is now just about playing out the string.

Sun, Nov 1 @ Dallas

Outcome: Loss, 2-5

Sun, Nov 8 Detroit

Outcome: Win, 3-5

Sun, Nov 15 @ Arizona

Outcome: Loss, 3-6

Sun, Nov 22 @ Minnesota

Outcome: Loss, 3-7

Sun, Nov 29 @ St. Louis

Outcome: Win, 4-7

Sun, Dec 6 San Francisco

Outcome: Win, 5-7

Sun, Dec 13 @ Houston

Outcome: Loss, 5-8

Sun, Dec 20 Tampa Bay

Outcome: Win, 6-8

Sun, Dec 27 @ Green Bay

Outcome: Loss, 6-9

Sun, Jan 3 Tennessee

Outcome: Win, 7-9

A loss @ STL is possible as is a loss at home against SF. I can envision one upset here or there that gets us to 8-8, but that’s about it.

As you’ve probably read by now, Lofa is out for the season with a torn pectoral. It will be very interesting to see if David Hawthorne’s game against the Bears was a fluke. He had 2 tackles for loss after replacing Lofa yesterday. If Hawthorne emerges, what kind of trade scenarios does that open up?

A few things stood out to me from the game yesterday:

* Larry Fitzgerald is awe-inspiring. That catch he made on 3rd and 2 on the first drive of the game after falling to the ground was shocking. It’s like he is out there catching balls with a big salmon net. I don’t understand why they don’t throw him the ball every single play. I honestly don’t think he is defensible.

* What is the world was DD Lewis doing on that onsides kick? He moved toward it and then backed away from it. Embarrassing.

* People will blame the offensive line for our trouble moving the ball, but Matt was back there looking for receivers and finding nobody. He did not have endless amounts of time, but he had enough to make 1-3 reads and get rid of the ball. Greg Knapp gets an F- for yesterday. He was soundly beaten by the Cards defensive schemes. I can’t remember the last time our offense looked that inept. Knapp also has shown a disturbing tendency to get desperate in the worst times. The 3rd and 5 call to go deep to Deon Butler was desperate and low percentage. We have not hit that play all year, and we’re all of a sudden going to nail it then? Passing on 2nd and 3rd and goal from the 3 yard line? Starting the second half with two straight runs? If I had to pick one goat, he’d be the one.

* Nick Reed finally got significant playing time and was a non-factor. Too bad.

Those were the thoughts worth sharing. Bad weekend for Washington football.

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  1. Hawkgirl

    I agree with many of your sentiments. I'm not going to say though that the short term vision about the O-line is one of the main problems. I've been saying since Hutch left we had to fix the line (among other things) and we've attempted to side step the issue or bandaid the thing because having a top rated defense is more important? Knapp calls plays like we've got Hutch and Walt sitting there playing at pro bowl levels. Ridiculous. Why we hired him, I don't know. Why our FO can't see these problems, I don't know either.

    At this point, I'm not heartbroken per se. They are my team and it's not like I can just stop that because they are "Trbl". Did anyone else see the Sir Charles/Shaq pro football talk yesterday in the pregame–trbl or not trbl? After a certain point I just started "trbl" on the play calls and it started to be less painful. If you haven't seen it, search it on You Tube, hilarious.

    Worst thing for me? We're flying to Dallas to go to the game on the 1st. We have family there so we'll get in a visit but I'm much less excited about the game at this point given where the Hawks are at 🙁