First Reactions: Hawks Beat Lions 32-20

Being a Lions fan has to be among the worst things a sports fan can be. The Seahawks started a game about as bad as you can start (for the second straight home game), and yet I turned to my buddy with confidence as we went down 17-0 and said, “You know we’re still going to win this game, right?” And that wasn’t arrogance as a Hawks fan. It was just awareness of what the Lions are.

I really feel for those folks. Hopeless.

Quick hitters:

– David Hawthorne. Three starts, three times leading the team in tackles and making at least two major impact plays in each game. I don’t miss Lofa one bit.

– Julius Jones will get some praise for his long screen play, but for god sakes, why doesn’t anyone see how much he’s holding the team back? He offers almost nothing out there! I think he and Edge are a toss-up, and we just waived Edge. Forsett gets one carry for 14 yards. Unacceptable.

– Matt has never seemed comfortable with this offense. He might have had a record day with stats, but he continues to look hesitant and is missing much bigger gains by locking into a single receiver.

– Nice game by Josh Wilson

– Jon Ryan continues to be the best Seahawk this year.