Vincent Jackson or Vincent Price? Depends on who you ask

Defensive backs take part of their traditional pregame huddle before taking the field for warmups.

News came down today that the Seahawks have entered in contract negotiations with Chargers Pro Bowl WR Vincent Jackson. Jackson, 27, is a 6’5″ 230 lb beast of a wideout. Not surprisingly, he is known for making plays over the top of defenders and being a target for fade routes in the end zone. His career average of 17.2 YPC tells us he’s a big play guy as well.

The news about Jackson comes on the heels of news that the Seahawks had invited former 49er WR Brandon Jones in for a visit as well. While the Seahawks don’t have an established #1 receiver, they also are loaded with bodies.
Make no mistake about it, a few Seahawk WRs are squirming after hearing this news. Bringing in a player like Jackson means somebody has to go. Butler, Tate and Mike Williams are young with upside and smallish contracts. Housh was gone the last three days for the always curious “personal reasons.” He has to be noticing how few balls are coming his way in practice. It would be a surprise, though, if he was on the way out. He is guaranteed $7M this season, so releasing him would be pretty rash. They might be able to get something of value in a trade, and it would clear some cap room for a #1 like Jackson. I’m not ready to give up on Housh yet. People keep forgetting he caught 79 balls in a “bad” year last season.
Deion Branch has had a strong camp, but is a terrible pairing with Housh. Neither can stretch the defense, and will likely lead to teams rolling up a safety to clog the underneath routes. Branch has no guaranteed money on his deal if he doesn’t make the 53-man roster. That certainly doesn’t help his chances.
It’s possible to imagine the Hawks using the acquisition of a player like Jackson to knock a player off the bottom of the WR ranks like a Ben Obamanu if they are planning to keep six on the roster (Housh, Branch, Jackson, Tate, Butler, Williams). That would mean Branch would likely slide into the slot, leaving Housh and Jackson to play the outside. I don’t think that’s the worst thing in the world, but I’m not sure I like the idea of reducing the playing time of the younger receivers with a team clearly rebuilding. If you don’t jettison Housh or Branch, acquiring Jackson means less time for Williams, Tate and Butler.
The meta-message through all of this is the front office is never going to stop looking for ways to improve the talent on the roster. I love that. For all the talk about Pete Carroll running a “soft” camp, he will continue to get the most from his players if they know they have to bring it every day or risk being replaced. Is Jackson the answer at WR? I’m not sold that he is, but I love that we are kicking the tires.
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  1. I'm not sold on Housh. It would not surprise me or phase me what-so-ever if Housh was traded. Bring in Jackson! Even with three days suspension in the beginning of the season, Vincent will definitely be a threat no matter when he starts. Pete Carroll loves his WR's big. In an article recently, Deon Butler was stating that he was very concerned about his chances of winning a roster spot. He was told that Pete Carroll loves big WR's and that he had a slim chance to make it. I think we can conclude that Butler has won a roster spot. He a freak'n stud! Once Vincent Jackson is signed, yes…he will be signed soon, then we can expect that either Housh or Branch will be taking the exodus towards home.

  2. It's hard to be all that attached to any player on an offense that was the worst of any Seahawk team since 1993. I just know I saw Housh carve us up opposite Chad Johnson only a year prior to coming here. I think he's a player that will make the play when it counts, and those are important. If he had a true #1 across from him, he might be a different player. I don't think I could say the same for Branch.

  3. The fact that the Chargers are only willing to let Seattle talk to VJ tells you that the SD=SEA part of the deal was agreed. In turn, that probably means there is money and a player headed south.

    SD wouldn't take Branch, too small and injury prone. No to Butler, too young and inexperienced.

    That leaves Housh who still lives in LA.

    A 3 WR lineup of VJ, Tate and Williams with Branch and Butler rotating in would be something….if Hass had time behind our O-Line.

  4. I would be totally bummed if we lost Butler in all of this because I think he has a long term upside. Housh seems to create drama, and most of it not so great, but he is a good receiver. Branch, I'd not have a second thought about him being gone. I wonder if all the "great camp" reports are to get his behind out of here? VJ would be a great addition, although I do worry about the cost of acquiring him.

    HB, you going to the game tonight?

  5. All I know is that Vincent is going to be here, which is really exciting. Vincent Jackson will demand double team. That opens up everything for Matt Hasselbeck and the running game. Having Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams, who both are 6'5 230lbs, will be quite the hardship on opposing teams. AWESOME stuff coming our way! GO SEAHAWKS!

  6. I doubt we have any players SD would want in return. This is going to be about draft picks, and I'd hate to give up a second round pick, since we already are without our 3rd next year.

    Nobody will want Butler until he proves he's worth getting.

    HG, I'll be there!

  7. Can't wait to hear your thoughts about tonight's game. Leon looked great, JJ was terrible…again, Okung is highly worrisome, and why can't our D get any pressure on the QB? Gaaa!

  8. Can't wait to hear your thoughts about tonight's game. Leon looked great, JJ was terrible…again, Okung is highly worrisome, and why can't our D get any pressure on the QB? Gaaa!

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