SEAHAWKS/FALCONS PREVIEW PART I: What A Seahawks Loss Might Look Like

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Each week, I attempt to preview the upcoming game from a balanced perspective. Let’s start by exploring what a Seahawks loss might look like.

This may be the world’s shortest blog post. If you are having trouble envisioning what a Seahawks loss would look like against the Falcons, I would like a swig of whatever you are drinking. The Falcons are my pick to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. They have a good, nearly great, quarterback that plays smart and is at his best in the clutch. Their running game is fierce, with a good line, and strong runners like Michael Turner. They have given up fewer sacks than all but three teams, and are the fifth-highest scoring team in the NFL.

Any quarterback that can walk and chew gum at the same time has been shredding the Seahawks defense of late. Matt Ryan passes that test, and will be a nightmare to stop.

Given the general state of the Seahawks fan base right now, it won’t take much for the Qwest faithful to turn on the home team and become the Falcons 12th man.

Time of possession will be a key indicator. The combination of a feckless offense and porous defense has led to massive differentials in time of possession in favor of Seahawks opponents. If Atlanta can convert 3rd downs at a high rate, it probably won’t matter what the Seahawks offense can muster.

The Falcons come in battling for their division title and home-field advantage. Anything but a dominating performance would register as a surprise.

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