Tweets From Post-Game

The best way to capture what happened yesterday may be in the combined voice of fans after the game. Check out a sampling of some tweets. Names have been removed, but you may recognize yours:

“Thank you, @PeteCarroll. You made us relevant again!”
“Let’s talk about Harbaugh and Whitehurst some more.”
“Ahem…TOLD YOU @#[email protected]#$ ASSES!”
“That run by Marshawn Lynch will go into my memory like Griffey sliding home.”
“Those who said the Seahawks didn’t deserve to be in the playoffs can suck it!”
“Un. Be. Lievable. Best game I’ve ever been to.” 
“I look like a teenager that touched his first boob, can’t wipe this goofy grin off my face.”
“Who dat…we dat..”
“To all those who doubted the #Seahawks, here’s a big @#$# YOU!”
“Thank you, Paul Allen.”
“We did it baby! we did it, we won. life is good after all.”
“Never been prouder of my team, or to be a Seahawks fan. Even in 2005. My God, this feels amazing!”
“A day to remember. Thank you, @petecarroll.”
“After the final gun, I opened the front door of my house in Ohio and screamed, ‘Woooooo! SEAHAWKS!’ Felt amazing. :)”
“Thank you @hasselbeck for a tremendous effort. You are a #Seattle legend.”
“I am literally crying tears of joy. Fuck yes. #seahawks!”
“Would all the media who picked the #Saints to destroy the #Seahawks please punch yourself in the face? Thx.”
“If you bet on the Seahawks, have fun with the fleet of space ships you can now afford.”
“I love every one of you, 12th Man Army! We dat…We dat…We dat team dat just beat dem Saints!!”
I’ll post more as time permits. Feel free to add your favorites.