You have hopefully already read my series on some possible players the Seahawks could select with their 1st round draft choice. Seahawks fans seem pretty split on what they want to see the team do. Register your vote here, and we’ll revisit on draft day.

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7 Responses

  1. rjd

    Trading back would be dumb.(unless then other team is desparate and has to get to #12) They wont have an opportunity to draft #12 again in long time so take advantage of it.
    I think they should take either Upshaw, Coples , or Floyd.

  2. Earl29Thom

    If we can trade back and pick up another pick or two (we don't have a 5th round pick I think) and get Lavonte David… I'd be 100% okay with that. After reading the blog on him, the thought of a speedy, sure tackler lining up next to Big Red just gets me going….

  3. Anonymous

    If we move back to Cinci's #21 pick we could pick up a 2nd and a 5th. Cinci has a lot of picks and our front office has said that they would like to have 8 picks per year. I have confidence that they can get at least 4 impact players by moving back.

  4. Anonymous

    If they resign hawethorn draft at #12. If not trade back for more picks.

  5. Hawkman

    No Question I would pick Decastro if available- get hat O-line raedy for a good run

  6. Anonymous

    12 is way to high to take incomplete MLB like Kueckly. He has many good points but his bad ones are being overelooked because he looked goog in shorts and track shoes. It's not all about the stats either or Houston would be the pipe line school for first round QB's. Kuechly doe not play at his timed speed. He does not like to fight through blockers so he waits until the RB get's to the second level before he makes the tackle. It is a sure tackle though. He is just bad at blitzing. For a mike or will to be drafted that early they need to be impactful. They need to knife through blockers like butter and make some stops at or behind the line of scrimmage. Kuechly does not do that. Hightower does. So does our own Wright. Don't think hightower is worth 12 either but he is closer. Get a beast of a SAM to rush the passer, set the edge and redirect TE's in round one. In the next few picks find a speedy coverage linebacker to add to Wright and Smith and we are set. Brand new group that bring both speed and power.