Seahawks 2012 Prediction Show With Special Guests!

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Mitch Levy has been one of my favorite Seattle sports media members for many years. One of his best shows of the year is his annual prediction show where he asks the other radio personalities at KJR a series of questions, and gets their answer on record to sometimes congratulate, but mostly humiliate later on. We are going to give that a shot on this blog this year.

I welcome three guests to the show that you should know if you follow the Seahawks on Twitter.

Welcome back to one of our favorite podcast guests, Scott Enyeart! Enyeart has coached High School and Division I football, has ties to the Pete Carroll coaching staff, writes on the USC beat and for He also does a regular podcast on KJR with Jason Puckett.

Davis Hsu also writes for FieldGulls, and is a whiz with a spreadsheet and a balance sheet. He knows his Seahawks and is the closest thing you will find to a cap specialist outside an NFL front office.

Jacson Bevens is another FieldGulls writer (they get all the good ones!) who is as funny as he is smart. I will let you decide if that is a good thing after listening to the podcast. Bevens writes without fear of reprisal, and I respect the Hell out of that.

Scott, Davis, and Jacson are must follows on Twitter. Follow them!

The show is LONG, but I think you’ll enjoy it. I’ve included their predictions below for posterity. I reserve the right to change my answers at any point during the year to make myself look better…

Take a listen, and let us know what you think.

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