The Magic Sack Number = 3

Seattle boasts the most talented secondary in the NFL. They held opposing quarterbacks to a cumulative 74.8 rating last season. That means that quarterbacks playing against the Seahawks end up playing about as well as Colt McCoy on a typical day. It is even more impressive that they accomplished this feat without a consistent pass rush. The Seahawks finished 19th in the NFL with 33 sacks last season, which works out to about 2 sacks each game. Seattle fans have been dreaming about just how good this team could be if the defense got more from their pass rush. Look no further than last season for answers.

The Seahawks had six games when they recorded three sacks or more. In those six games, the team went 5-1. The only loss came in 6-3 loss to the Cleveland Browns when Charlie Whitehurst lost any fans he had, and Marshawn Lynch sat out with back spasms.

Three sacks in a game is not an unreasonable goal. Four teams averaged at least three sacks per game last year, and nine teams averaged over 2.6 sacks per game.

Seattle will get its chances this weekend against a weakened Cardinals offensive line. The Seahawks recorded two sacks in both games against Arizona last year. The pass rush should be improved and the Cardinals line should be less capable. Finding a way to get that one extra sack makes a win on Sunday all that much more likely.

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