Grading My Seahawks Draft Projections

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People say predicting what John Schneider is going to do in the draft is impossible. Let’s take a look to see how close I came, position-by-position.

Grading my projections

1 WR
1 OT
1 G/C
1 DE
1 LB
1 DT
1 CB (if a pick is added)

Schneider ended up adding three picks. They used one to add a corner, as predicted, and the others to double up on receiver and tackle. The only position I predicted they would add a player but did not was at guard. Britt could wind up sliding inside to guard, or Michael Bowie could if Britt wins the right tackle spot. Everything else worked out about as expected.

Hawk Blogger projected probability chart for which positions Seattle would take and how many

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