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DOWNLOAD: Hawk Blogger 2014 Seahawks Training Camp Guide & Handout

It is almost that time. A new football season is about to begin. The Seahawks have sold out every public training camp. That means a lot of new faces will see players vying for a roster spot for the first time. I have spent more than a normal amount of time at these sessions in the past, and wanted to offer a few items to help make your visit even better.

Having a roster handout like this will help you know who all these unfamiliar players are. You will want to have this. Trust me! I’ve added my own notes on every player. This is especially useful for people who are bringing a loved one who is not as big of a fan as they are, so they can get an idea who is who.
– Bring sunscreen
They supply sometimes, but don’t be caught without it!
– Don’t sit down
It’s a waste of time to sit down. The drills and action moves around. You should move with it. 
– Remember, this is general seating/standing
You do not have the right to the view in front of you. If someone is choosing to stand, move so you can see. 
– Wait for the three horns
The practices go longer than you think. It is not over until it’s over.
– Use the bathroom on the way in
They are not convenient to get back to, and you’ll miss the action!
Have fun, all. Happy Seahawks 2014! 

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