NFL Draft “Experts” on our 2011 & 2012 Class


How do these folks still have jobs?

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  1. Vidguyhawks, when you criticize the work of the draft experts after the fact, you’re just adding to the noise. The McShay’s and the Kiper’s of the world have a difficult job to do. They have to have OPINIONS and make PREDICTIONS for all 32 teams. They don’t have the luxury of studying the tendencies of only one team. The don’t have the same information or level of access to the incoming prospects each team has. They’re asked by their employer to evaluate what they see on tape and reach out to their sources around the league to rate and rank 300+ athletes. The people they’re asked to present their information to are regular fans, people who don’t consume every bit of draft tidbit there is to consume. Before you criticize these draft pundits for being “wrong” about prior Seahawk drafts step back for a second and think about their process and what they’re asked to do. Also think about how “right” any one person is about the draft. Think about the many “misses” of the Seahawks front office.

    1. Exactly my point. AT BEST the draft is a crapshoot where no one can accurately predict anything, from analysts to GMs. Plenty of 1st rounders have been busts, and plenty of undrafted people have been studs.

      My problem isn’t with these “draft experts” being wrong at an impossible problem with them are two things-

      1. They don’t just make harmless predictions abot who’s going to what team, they go a step further and act like they know how they’ll perform throughout their career, just like when Kiper said about Mike Williams “See you at the Hall of Fame induction.” Still waiting for Williams to get fitted for that jacket….

      2. These “experts” don’t own up to their mistakes. They just spout off whatever they want, year after year, regardless of how inaccurate they might be. They say what the “safe” picks are (Hello Aaron Curry?), but never seem to go back and say “Whoops..boy was I off.” I luckily found the Prisco and Schrager clip talking about the re-grades and how wrong they were, but you usually don’t find those and I had to do some digging for those clips. You heard Schrager in the vid. He was so wrong about the prior draft that he automatically gave our 2013 class an “A”, when really that 2013 class was one of our weaker in recent memory.

      The point being I hate how they make it come across like these once a year McShay and Kiper experts have it down to an exact science, when really it’s so impossible to predict that me or you could throw darts at a board blindfolded and guess who might be good and be correct just as much as they are.

    2. Daniel, I can’t believe you’re actually defending these so-called “experts.” Their entire demeanor says to the viewing audience, “I know what I’m talking about, and I’m sure about what these players will be doing in the future.” In other words, they have no humility, no doubt, nothing except cockiness to the point of being ridiculous.

      If they were at least a LITTLE bit honest in their demeanor, I’d be more than happy to cut them some slack, as you do. If they said, for example, “I’m no more likely to be right than any of you are, but here’s my opinion, anyway,” then I’d be amazed and pleased. But that is NOT the way they sound, and therefore deserve only our scorn when they are inevitably proven not just wrong, but in the case of Russell Wilson, WRONG WRONG WRONG, as wrong as wrong can be.

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