The Seahawks trimmed their roster to 75 players yesterday. Some players were cut, while others were either placed on Injured Reserve or waived as injured. The only mild surprise was Brandon Browner, who Pete Carroll had spoken positively about in terms of his hybrid role. Browner’s lack of fit as a true safety wound up being his undoing. Below are my updated roster projections for the final 53 based on where things stand today.

Roster outlook

First, a refresher on how many players the Seahawks broke camp with at every positions last year, their average keep for that position since Pete Carroll and John Schneider arrived, and my projected keep. The plus/minus column indicates where I am projecting a change from what the team kept for that position last year.


I continue to vacillate between keeping an extra safety or an extra corner. That’s the main point of debate as things stand.

Current projections


Trevone Boykin is the guy, unless he isn’t. That does not mean Jake Heaps has a shot. There is a chance that the team signs a more seasoned backup and stashes Boykin on the practice squad.

Running backs

This group looks loaded and set. Troymaine Pope is a great story, but will not make the team. There is some chance the team could let Alex Collins go in favor of keeping an extra player somewhere else on the roster, but if they keep five backs, he will be one of them.

Wide receivers

No position is more precarious heading into the final preseason game than the fifth wide receiver spot. I could easily see any of the guys listed as on the bubble as getting the job. Coaches have been talking a lot about Tanner McEvoy, who also plays tight end, but I’m sticking with Kasen Williams for now.

Tight ends

Barring injury, this position should be set.

Offensive line

Patrick Lewis is gone. I’ve had Joey Hunt as the backup center for weeks, so no shock there. I am sticking with Will Pericak as the final linemen based on his youth, cost, and flexibility to also play center. George Fant is a perfect practice squad candidate.

Defensive line

Sealver Siliga was moved to IR. Tony McDaniel and Quinton Jefferson are pretty close to locks. The questions are around Jordan Hill and Ryan Robinson. Hill likely makes the team as the rush nickel nose tackle. If the team can find someone they like better on the waiver wire or trade, I would not be surprised to see him moved. Robinson has done little to stand out in the preseason, but neither has Brandin Bryant. That spot could very easily go to a player not currently on the roster.


Morgan has been moved to a lock after nobody was able to unseat him. Kevin Pierre-Louis could be in some trouble if the team finds someone else they like better.


Despite the odd infatuation with Tye Smith among some Seahawks fans, I still see Marcus Burley as the better corner, better special teamer, and more valuable player. If they go with just five corners, Smith would be the guy they show the door to.


Most people have Tyvis Powell making it, and that would not be a shock in the least. I have Steven Terrell over him due to his unique speed and ability to spell Earl Thomas.

Special teams

Nolan Freese is the guy for now. It sure seems like they should invest in an upgrade here.

5 Responses

  1. Shaun Wexler

    I rank Pope ahead of Collins, but I think they break the mold and keep 5 RB + 1 FB this year, but only 5 WR (McEvoy with 99% confidence).

    Top bubble players would be McNeil WR6 and Farmer WR6/RB5, based on their ST prowess and DB experience. Where both seem equivalent as a WR6, Farmer showed he’s a very solid RB5, an ideal backup for Procise. Kasen Williams, (Smith), Goodley, Foxx, and Lawler are good players but a level below them, and need more PS time.

    Alex Collins is the guy I believe is going to make the cut based on his draft position, but will get bumped off the roster bubble sooner rather than later, in favor of Pope and/or Farmer.

  2. Doug

    Thanks for this Brian!

    With Bridgewater going down with a gruesome injury, there is another team looking for QB help (and depth). I don’t see Boykin making it to the PS for the Seahawks, or anyone really “better” available for QB2. Hopefully, the QB2 is just a clipboard-holder all season for us–given that Boykin looks so much like a raw Wilson I really think he will make it onto the 53.

    • pkgoode

      I figure that the team thinks that (I) TB is a guy that whom they can develop, and (II) if push comes to shove (A) an experienced backup will be available and (B) the season will be shot anyway.

  3. pkgoode

    Dunno about Williams at WR. Injuries have kept him off the field, whereas McEvoy has the size that Seattle has long wanted in at WR, plus the versatility to fill in at TE (where they are a little banged up right now).

    Not that McEvoy has been a world beater: It wouldn’t be a huge surprise if the Seahawks pick up a WR cut from another team.

    Overall, though, I bet that you’ve nailed it.

  4. pkgoode

    Re Browner, my thinking is that the staff is so encouraged by Kelcie McCray that they saw no need to use a roster spot on a specialist. Pete Carroll sure has left the door open for BB, though..