8 bit highlights from 10/2/16.

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  1. Doug

    I love that you got Earl shouting “his hand was going forward” on the Peake “TD”. I don’t know how you have time for this, but always fun to watch! Thanks.

    • vidguyhawks

      Thanks! Yah I’ve gotten used to doing these by now, so I’ve whittled down the process to about a couple hours, give or take how detailed I want to get.
      But ya Earl cracked me up too!

      Since the Seahawks have a bye week, I still wanna do a video. So I’m doing a vote on which Tecmo Super Seahawks video I should do. You can vote and follow me here-


      So far the leading vote getter is “The Tip” vs the 49ers in the 2014 NFC Championship game. Only 2 days left to vote!