Roster history

The following table shows how many players the Seahawks kept at each position last year on the day they cut down to 53 players. It also shows the average keep at each position since Pete Carroll and John Schneider arrived in 2010. Finally, it tallies my current projections for keep by position, and how that would differ from what the team kept last season.

Current 53-man roster predictions

This table shows which players I currently expect to make the final cut, with a little color coding to represent my relative level of confidence. TheĀ farther we getĀ into preseason, the greater the confidence I will have in these projections.

Predictions of note

Six receivers, and Amara Darboh ain’t one

This is a good example of something that could change drastically in the coming weeks once games begin, but as of now, Amara Darboh has not been one of the six best receivers in camp. The team usually keeps just five at the position. He is a big guy with some nice special teams ability, but you can say the same of Tanner McEvoy, and McEvoy can also play quarterback in a pinch and has already shown some big-play ability. Pete Carroll has gushed about McEvoy more than I would have expected, which is contributing to this prediction. I also have J.D. McKissic making the team because he clearly has been the fifth-best receiver, and he is a very good alternative option at punt and kick returns. Finally, he is best suited to replicate the role of C.J. Prosise should the second-year back be unable to stay healthy again. If I am right about McKissic, and right about six receivers, it comes down to McEvoy or Darboh. Keep an eye on those two in the preseason games.


Goodbye Joey

With Ethan Pocic able to play backup center, and Carroll already talking about a long career in Seattle for Jordan Roos, it is looking like Hunt’s days in Seattle are numbered.


Seven linebackers

This is a large number for the position, but there is a ton of special teams talent in that group.


Five running backs, but not Alex Collins

The star of the first few days of camp, Collins has faded a bit once the pads came on and Chris Carson has risen. Games will be a huge factor in determining the fate of those two players.



4 Responses

  1. Rex Ribald

    I bet the Hawks keep McAvoy AND Darboh = cut Kearse.

    Interesting to hear Pete’s high on McAvoy and Roos.

    Hope Collins clears waivers.

  2. Doug

    Assuming every comment from the coaches isn’t complete nonsense, I’d like to see the following offensive line: LT-Ethan Pocic, who is the only one talented enough to play all five positions. LG-Rees Odihambo who could also play left tackle in a pinch since that was his natural position in college. C-Joey Hunt, who is a center specialist only, and rates high on my “you can keep him” chart, and by the way, short linemen like him can often get better leverage too. RG-Mark Glowinski, who is also natural at the right side position, but wasn’t allowed to play that position last year. RT-Anyone other than Germain Ifedi, who was most recently compared to Wally Pipp by the head coach himself, and that’s never a vote of confidence. Oday Aboushi & Will Pericak would likely be my backups. Justin Britt is trade bait, since he ranks high on my “you can’t keep him anyway” chart and it’s likely he will command $10 million a year after this season which the Seahawks can’t pay. All the rest are just Cable/cannon fodder… Or we could just begin the season after this with five guys at new positions yet again, how cool would that be!

  3. JoeB

    I can’t fault the logic expressed in this article, though I feel the Hawks will try out several late pre-season cut offensive linemen. Pocic will be the backup center and guard and maybe tackle. We still need a quality LT, making Fant the backup. Who knows about Ifedi. Still miffed the Hawks didn’t take Forest Lamp. Would have solved one guard position for a while…