The Morning After: Disappointing Seahawks Fail on All Fronts, Lose 33-27 to Titans

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Navigation is often considered a mundane task. Chart the most efficient course between your starting point and your desired destination and then follow the resulting directions. Our earliest ancestors needed this skill just to leave their caves to hunt and find their way back. Modern life has automated the process with GPS constantly updating a variety of factors to ensure the quickest route. One thing that connects the ancient and present forms of navigation is the need for fixed points to allow for calculation. Our ancestors used landmarks to chart their course. GPS uses man-made roads and traffic laws. Navigation gets far more difficult when that structure is lost. That is where the Seahawks find themselves after a defeat that saw presumed fixed points to be absent. A quarterback who missed multiple key throws in the first half and a defense that was manhandled in the second, left the team spinning and lost. Captains rely on the steadiness of stars to calibrate their sextant when no landmarks are in sight. The Seahawks have no chance to be a team that matters if their stars are not steady.

What we saw on Sunday was confounding and frustrating. Russell Wilson finished the day with a career high in passing yards and four touchdowns. He had no interceptions, and a sparkling passer rating of 110.3. Yet, he started the game missing wide open receivers for big gains or on critical third downs. He was consistently high on throws, and his inaccuracy could not be blamed on pass pressure as he had time and space in these moments. That he eventually caught fire does not excuse a variety of poor throws and poor decisions. The team needs him to be better. Here are a few specific moments that stood out to me.

Misses Doug Baldwin Early

Link to video if it is not appearing on mobile

This would have been a huge gain. Baldwin was wide open, as was Tyler Lockett at the bottom of the screen. If Baldwin had beat the one man trailing him, who knows how far he would have gone? The pass protection was good enough and the pocket was clean to step into. This is a throw he needs to make 100 times out of 100.


Missed high on 3rd down near field goal range

Link to video if not appearing on mobile

Later in the first quarter, Wilson misses Baldwin again on a 3rd down throw that was sky high despite time and decent space. A completion here might have led to a first down given Baldwin made a number of defenders miss during the game, but would have definitely put the Seahawks in field goal range.


Poor judgment on near fumble

Link to video if not appearing on mobile

Justin Britt botched the snap as he did a few times during the day, and the line did a terrible job on this play, but what Wilson does at the end here is inexcusable. The Seahawks were incredibly fortunate that officials had blown the whistle calling him down because he clearly fumbled and would have likely cost the team the game right there. Wilson makes some amazing plays to save the teams from sacks, but there was no way he was getting rid of this ball and needs to just live for another day.


Wide on 3rd down throw in 3rd quarter

Link to video if not appearing on mobile

After the Titans took back the lead in the 3rd quarter, Wilson missed Baldwin on a third down to give the Titans the ball back. Again, no pressure. This should be a high percentage pitch and catch.


Misses protection call and intentional grounding

Link to video if not appearing on mobile

Notice on this play the linebacker creeping up to the line on the left side of the line, near the top of the screen. It appears that Wilson did not notice and did not adjust the protection. Chris Carson may also be at fault, but realigning him to Wilson’s right would seem to be the proper pre-snap adjustment. Wilson compounds the problem by retreating straight back and moving the team out of field goal range.


Wilson had tons of great throws, and put up enough points to win. He is not terrible, as some folks like to jump to. He is also not flawless or close to reaching his full potential. How many times have we seen him snap into action at the end of a half or when the team gets down big? The popular narrative is that is because the team goes up-tempo. I see it a little differently. Wilson is at his best when his back is against the wall and he is not overthinking. If this were baseball, Wilson is like a closer being used in a non-save situation early in games. He is not as sharp or decisive.

The team needs him to find that mental edge from the opening snap. If going up-tempo helps him do that, then so be it. Doing that largely means abandoning the run. You may say, “so what, they can’t run anyway!” While the run game is certainly not where it needs to be, the playcalling continues to keep them from finding out what they have. Just 1 of the first 6 play calls, and 3 of the first 9 were designed runs. Not enough. Also, the team is now 0-4 when Wilson throws for 350 yards or more and 1-5 when he attempts 40 or more passes. Switching to a fast break pass offense may not be the salve fans want it to be.


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Defense was biggest disappointment

My expectations for Wilson are high, but they are even higher for this defense and they were nowhere near them in the second half on Sunday. It looked like a terrific day early on with Tennessee looking completely overwhelmed by the Seahawks front seven. The disruption I had been hoping to see was there. Backs were getting met behind the line of scrimmage or needing to stop in their tracks as penetration blew up designed runs. Coverage was sticky as Marcus Mariota was unable to find open receivers despite plenty of time to throw.

It even looked like they forced a game-changing turnover before it was called back due to a pass interference call on Richard Sherman, who then removed his helmet and got an additional 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty. Instead of a Seahawks first down near midfield, the Titans got 31 yards for free via penalty. They had 22 yards of total offense in five possessions before that play.


The Titans had 22 yards of offense before getting 31 yards for free via the Sherman pass interference and unsportsmanlike conduct penalties


Earl Thomas responded with a tackle for loss, and then Carroll oddly declined an illegal shift penalty that would have moved the Titans back to the 35-yard line and made it 2nd and 20. Mariota managed to complete a 17 yard pass to Eric Decker to pick up the first down on 3rd and 15. Tennessee went on to score the first points of the game via a field goal that started a run of 6 scoring drives in 7 possessions.

The Seahawks lost their grip. Nobody should have been surprised to see the defense give up a late field goal to end the half after the offense finally got going and took the lead with a touchdown. There is some sort of masochistic relationship there, where offensive pleasure must be accompanied by defensive pain. Wilson led an opening drive touchdown after the half to retake the lead, only to see the defense give it right back via a 55-yard screen pass to Rishard Matthews. The pain was just beginning. Pass the ball gag.

As the offense lost momentum with two straight punts, the defense allowed the game to get out of hand. Aided by a poor punt from Jon Ryan and poor coverage, the Titans started their next series near midfield. Tennessee moved at will, gaining at least 5 yards on every play except one where they gained three. Tight end Jonnu Smith ran a wheel route out of the backfield for an easy touchdown when Michael Wilhoite blew his coverage.

Next possession was just one play, but it was a doozy. Seventy-five yards for DeMarco Murray to paydirt. What was a 16-14 game was now 30-14, and was essentially over before the fourth quarter even began. The Seahawks would score two more touchdowns, but ran out of time.

Mariota finished the day without being sacked or being hit. The Titans line started the day being overwhelmed, but finished the day overwhelming the Seahawks. The comments after the game were that the mistakes were assignment related and easily corrected. That is not what I saw.

What happened against the 49ers absolutely looked like assignment mistakes. This was not that.Titans players were hat on hat blocking Seahawks defenders who were unable to get off those blocks. It was terrific blocking, and physically dominating. Sheldon Richardson is rapidly becoming a major disappointment.

He barely showed up in this game, with just 2 tackles. Cliff Avril has been ineffective through three games. Frank Clark has not been anywhere near dominant. Michael Bennett at least had 3 tackles for loss. What was supposed to be the game’s most dominant nickel pass rush has been a major disappointment. They have not dominated anyone. Even the four first half sacks against the Packers came largely due to terrific coverage.

Defensive coordinator Kris Richard sent extra rushers on blitzes during this game to no avail. One can only wonder what someone like Dan Quinn could do with this group.

On the bright side, rookie Shaquill Griffin continues to earn more snaps. He was solid all afternoon.


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Finding solid ground


Seattle exits this game 1-2, with an offensive line that is improving but still well below average, a star quarterback who has not played well, and a defense that has allowed a string of game-changing explosive plays. Their three best special teams players are injured, and their return game has been bland. Any team that wants to contend needs their best players to play their best. That did not happen Sunday. In fact, some of their best players are not even playing well. Now they may face time without standout receiver Doug Baldwin who left the game with a groin injury of unknown severity.

This is a Seahawks team missing the mystique and swagger that they worked so hard to earn. Teams know they can abuse the offensive line, and the coaches are unwilling to commit to the run early in games to establish the physical style this team was built on. The distance between where this team wants to be and where it currently resides is vast. There is no clear path between here and there. Before setting out on a journey of this magnitude, it is wise to check supplies.

The offensive line has shown clear progress each week. Team yardage, first downs, and points have increased each week while sacks per dropback have decreased. Their quarterback just set a career high for yardage and rediscovered their tight end. Paul Richardson has made more big plays this season through three games than Jermaine Kearse made all of last year. The defense has all the necessary pieces and experience to recover from a terrible game.

Carroll and the coaches need to create some constants in this equation. Their map is spinning like a GPS in the city. They have one week to get right against the Colts before facing the upstart Rams on the road. Not all who wander are lost, but this season will soon be if the Seahawks do not adjust course.

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  1. A long litany of disappointments for Hawk fans.

    One you left out: No Read Option plays called for the Hawks all game long. Anymore, I do not wonder why.

  2. Nicely put, Brian. Watching a Seahawks game these days makes for a rough afternoon for me. Not fun. Several times I caught myself thinking, why do I put myself through this?
    The weather was an issue, but it was for both sides. Where did the leadership go? The Sherman episode was disturbing. It was an expression of emotion that hurt the team. It didn’t boost them like it has in the past. He takes it too far these days and I will be watching closely to see how he handles things in the future.
    I think focus is part of the problem. A lot of distractions for the whole league right now. Important issues, I know, but this team needs to regain some of that focus and get back on track. And I mean from the top to the bottom. Schneider and the coaching staff not excluded.

  3. Offensive Line: As seen through the eyes of a fan(atic).
    S=Sack. H=Hurry/Hit early. I=idiot penalty. T=Trucked. P=PwrBlk.

    Game three may have ended, Titans 33 Seahawks 27, but my offensive line ranking for this game was (-1.8) versus the (-2.2) from a week ago. The reason why I feel this is important, is because if we take -1.8 times five offensive linemen, it equates to nine points, and seven points would have won this crazy game. Here’s what I have for those interested.

    LT – Very good through the first three quarters of the football game, but I gave him two infractions in the fourth quarter, both hurries.
    Grade (-3)

    LG – This was the only position that was awarded zero infractions for all four quarters, so I’ve got to give a lot of credit to Joeckel here.
    Grade (zero)

    OC – After a good start, there was a sack allowed in the second quarter that I felt could have been charged to either the center or the right guard, but I elected to charge the center who should have been helping his new right guard, as the center is in a position of leadership. There also appeared to be some ‘transitional issues’ between center & quarterback, and I’m just not certain who should be the recipient of those awards, so I’ll let that go for now. Pretty good second half otherwise.
    Grade (-1)

    RG – Very good game throughout the first three quarters, but was charged with two infractions in the fourth quarter, both hurries. Oday Aboushi’s first start, and he gets my most active offensive lineman award for this week. He got down field a lot, and would have received “P” positives had he delivered any power blocks.
    Grade (-2)

    LT – Good game throughout the first three quarters, one idiot false start penalty during that time, and then he gave up two “H” hurries in the fourth quarter, one of which lead to the intentional grounding penalty, possibly a decisive moment costing the team this game.
    Grade (-3)

    In summary, I’d like to point out that three out of five linemen appeared to have had a particularly tough time only in the fourth quarter. Otherwise they did play a very good game. What lead up to the bad play in the fourth? Well from my notes, I’d say it had to do with the “Third down and forever” offense that only ran the ball 15 times this game, and yes I’m excluding the QB’s seven scramble runs here. The offensive line was put into ‘pass mode only’ during the fourth quarter and the Titans were able to tee off on this with some extravagant blitzes. This game was not lost by the O-line.

    Your thoughts and criticisms appreciated…

    1. Looks pretty right from what I saw as well. Tobin was in relief at each tackle spot briefly…………not of much import, just an observation.

      1. Uncle Bob – You have a good eye for the game because I completely missed that about Tobin playing. Sometimes I think that it was easier to read player numbers in the old 4×3 television format, than today’s high definition 16×9 inch format, or maybe it’s the telescopic camera angles being used. It’s probably good to get Tobin some playing time & keep him in game shape.

  4. The biggest disappointment about our D this year is the depth, particularly on the d-line. It was supposed to be a major strength that would lift this team to championship status and that’s just not happened; David Bass is off the team, Marcus Smith has not contributed, whilst Reed and Naz have been pushed around too easily in the run.
    I do, however, have to disagree on one thing, and that’s Sheldon Richardson, i thought, that in the first two games, the dude looked dominant against the run (Hyde’s big runs came whilst he was off the field) and collapsed the middle of the pocket as a pass rusher extremely well. In this game our run d was obviously beaten into submission by a team with potentially the best offensive line in football and 2 elite power backs to just ground us into submission. In the first half, before the fatigue set in because of the offences inability to consistently sustain drives beyond 3 plays in addition to the extreme heat, the run d was very good and Shel was a big part of that.
    Was probably his worst game as a Seahawk, but it was a tough game for several of his teammates too, so I feel your criticism of him in particular is harsh.
    The Titans game plan is so well suited to its personal, I cant help but feel jealous. That said I did like alot of the adjustments made in this game, Jimmy was lined up out wide as a receiver more often and had his best game of the year by far, the running backs are being targeted alot more in the pass game to alleviate pressure and, most importantly, our line has been steadily improving from game to game which I’ll take for now. Overall I think its important not to be too encouraged by the offence’s scoring today, but it’s no doubt a step in the right direction.
    Now can we please put it all together for at least 1 quarter next week against the Colts, we’ll win easily we do.
    Anyway, long time reader, first time commentator (and a long one at that), love the work you guys do here. keep it up 🙂

      1. H – Totally agree with your assessment, and I deleted one of my own earlier posts about the team letting go DT Ahtyba Rubin (gone to Denver), because it wouldn’t have been rated PG at the box office. This year’s defensive line looks like it’s more geared to preserving a lead through pass rushing skills, then getting a lead by stopping the other team’s rushing ability and forcing them to become one dimensional. There, I think that is family friendly.

    1. I know this is an excuse, but I think the heat played a HUGE factor against us. Once the Titans had the lead they could simply run the ball. We couldn’t do it not just because our o-line, but also because running the ball on our end while behind runs the clock. We were at a disadvantage once we got behind.

  5. Disappointing game, but oddly not surprising. I wasn’t really sure that we’d be able to haul it in and predicted a possible worse loss than the one we went with. Not because I didn’t believe in the team, but I’ve seen some things from the last couple of games that told me something is wrong.

    I think Wilson has shown tremendous signs of improvements, but that being said the criticism is warranted. He needs to do better.

    The defense has tremendous talent but I’ve been losing faith in this defensive coordinator. Not sure if it’s a good idea to simply fire him or just move him to a different position and get someone else.

    As for the offensive coordinator, not thrilled with his play making abilities and think that these struggles are on him and not being able to work with Wilson. Still though I’m optimistic we’ll get better on both sides of the ball.

    Now off to meet with a friend whose Ravens suffered a horrible defeat against the Jaguars.

  6. Disagree on the third quarter throw to Baldwin. From that clip, it looks like it went right through Baldwin’s raised hands. Otherwise, Russell is sailing his throws throughout this season at an alarming rate. Threw a couple of beautiful balls to Baldwin and Prosise at the end of the first half, though, and by and large played great in the second. Agree he needs to play better early, though.

    That project might be helped if the Hawks could have ANY sort of running game early. Sheesh that was awful. No first downs for 5 possessions did not help that cause, either. Vicious cycle.

  7. Cute line to close out the first paragraph……apt.

    Each year there’s about a 1/3 turnover of the roster members. Only a few are high performance starters. Yet each year this team seems to be in a funk for the first third or so of the season, and this year is no different. I guessed at the beginning of the season that they would have a losing record. They SHOULD knock off the Colts at the Clink without too much drama, but I still believe they have an annoying habit of playing down to a competitors level. The Rams in LA? That would be a surprise win to me. Sitting at 2 -3 going into the bye week looks very likely. Argh!!!!!!!!!!

    So why do they repeat this fan stressing pattern. With the roll over of players and skills the one stable factor is the upper levels of coaching and team management. Perhaps it is in fact an outcome of the practice limits imposed by the CBA, but some of the other teams seem to not to have the same level of limitations based on the same set of rules. Sure, the players have responsibility as well………..much of it enumerated above. But the coaches are paid to guide and motivate these guys………….something is off in that area. There was an eerie similarity in the game flow for both losses this season. Reasonable first half (except for time of possession) performance, especially on defense, and second half collapse of defensive discipline, and only slight improvement in offense. I’m relatively sure they’ll improve as the season progresses, as they usually do, but will it be enough and on time.

    If there’s any solace pretty much each of the first week losers had awful offensive line play. Second week was a mixed bag without too many shocking surprises. But then yesterday………….did anybody expect what the Jaguars did? The other interesting 5 games were pretty good shows, with a couple surprises, and a couple expected, albeit slim, victories. Is it the long expected/promised parity? Perhaps, but I suspect the blivet coaching staffs of the past will return to form, and the better staffs likewise. So, while our group leaves something to be desired, they’re still in the upper half of the league.

    1. Forgot to mention another annual “tradition”………..we’re about due for the “Chancellor Meeting” where the alpha dog growls and the rest respond.

    2. It’s a league that wants turnover so that they can get all of us fans around the country interested through what they call…PAIR-A-TEE.

      I’ve always scoffed at the idea of ‘parity’ myself since the league has been doctoring the rules since 1974 to force teams towards the higher scoring passing offenses. What did that get ’em in the 1980’s but a shift from 4-3 defenses to 3-4 defenses, then in the 1990’s teams decided they needed more pass rush and achieved that by going back to the 4-3. In the twenty-tens teams believed they couldn’t win without a top five quarterback so all the money and high draft choices are now going that direction. Welcome to the Twenty-teens and an argument could be made that most team’s are playing Nickle defense as their base defense, and some version of Dime on passing downs. Yet, how many teams today have the offensive studs up front to make that $25 million dollar a year quarterback investment worthwhile… Two?

      So it becomes a war of attrition in my mind between the team(s) that have an offensive line at the start of the season, and those teams that have enough depth and talent to maybe be better towards the end of the season. That’s not any different then what we’ve seen from the Seahawks over the past five years is it?

      From beginning to end it’s a game that emulates modern day warfare through it’s vanguard (offensive line/defensive line), it’s flanks (receivers & tight ends/cornerbacks & safeties), it’s behind the lines reserves (running backs/linebackers), and it’s special forces… And in the old days of football long forgotten, a three point field goal was a great thing and worthy of fans cheering. Today a field goal is considered one small step up from a punt, and when the team scores a touchdown there’s no real excitement anymore either, because we all know that the team we are cheering for is going to need several more touchdowns to have any realistic hope of winning.

      My humble belief is that this team will return four out of five offensive linemen next year, to the same positions, and become an NFL juggernaut again. Right now we are watching a perennial winner take the necessary steps to get there, so we don’t have to suffer parity.

      1. I do enjoy your opinions uncle Bob. Yes agree with your …”humble belief is that this team will return four out of five offensive linemen next year, and become an NFL juggernaut again. Right now we are watching a perennial winner take the necessary steps to get there, so we don’t have to suffer parity.”

        But, How can a pear tree make u suffer?.

  8. OK boys how many of U hav played any sport in 110F (44C). I run a marathon every week, & could only manage one half of a soccer game, with doctor friends in that sort of heat. D was on pitch for 20mins in 1st half, which would have felt like 40mins in that humidity. That’s why they gassed. Compounded by a long flight & time clock change.

    We have been here before, do U recall us being flayed by the chargers in similar conditions, & then Russell & Doug caught fire down the stretch. PS they are the second best OL after Dallas. We will be FINE. That penaly on Sherman was harsh, he only asked “HOW”. No F words, etc.

    As for Russ, he had to go from playing in rain last week to humid air. That’s why he was over shooting. Sweaty ball caused Britt to lose grip.

    Rees O Joekel Britt & Oday & Iffedi looked good most times, our Ol always plays better after the bye, due to chemistry taking time. Jimmy got his mojo back. Doug was terrific. PRich & TylerL made plays. & Come on, we scored 4 effing TD’s boys. odds on that were huge.

    We knew we going to lose to Packers, Titans & Cowboys months ago. 13-3 1st seed & SB 52 glory awaits. (Injuries permitting, with grace, Russ, Doug, Jimmy, Britt,CJP, CC, LOB, BWags, KJW, DL, please stay healthy).

    1. This is not an issue of just the 1st three games though. This goes back to the start of 2016. And honestly I think there was a lot of luck during that 2nd half of 2015 as well considering they did not play a legit defense out of MN who was missing multiple starting defenders and the Rams who beat them. So yea these are not new issues.

      That said i still think the Seahawks can be better. For one they can apply those things they did in the 3rd and 4th quarter to the entire game. Or for that they just flip the script. I think that 1st drive of the second half would be a great way to start the game. 9 plays 75 yards. do that a few times while the def is fresh then start slowing it down and pound there defense into submission. This team will always be better when it has decent lead to protect. They do seem to struggle against teams with great o-lines though. Thankfully there only few out there anymore though Dallas, Tennessee and Oakland spring to mind. Maybe the Rams?

  9. I disagree with the statement about needing to commit to the run. With this line commitment to the run means 3rd and long almost every series and even more 3 and outs. You simply can’t say “commit to the run” when that results in almost no possession. Teams that commit to the run have success. The titans didn’t even commit to a running game yesterday until they started opening up the hawks defense with short passes. Once the passing game clicked, they mixed in the run. This hawks team is best when it puts Wilson on the move and makes defenses chase him. You can’t commit to the run unless you work off that with play action, read option and misdirected rollouts. Committing to the run doesn’t mean plunging mindlessly into a scrum 3 times and punting.

  10. How about starting a game with the hurry-up? Say the Rams game.

    Gain some quick offensive momentum through the air, set the linebackers on their heals a bit, then commit to the run with Carson.



    1. Kinda my thoughts as well. Start quicker, establish some rhythm then start to gradually slow it down once you have worn their defense down a bit and pound them into submission. Also i dont understand why everyone thinks you can run the ball in a more up tempo offense. some of Carsons best runs were in a up tempo mode.

  11. Didn’t watch the whole game, just before the half-time minutes so I can’t make any comments regarding the performance of each player. RW did make some really nice plays before the half. But his decision-making process overall is digressing with each passing years. Still making the same decisions as a 1st or 2nd year QB would do. Regarding the OL, IMHO, sacks are not the only indicator of how well the unit performed in passing situations in the correlation of a QB’s performance. Sacks can change or shift the momentum of the game at a particular point, but they don’t really impact a QB’s performance throughout the game. The number of hits and hurries, according to the QBs themselves, seem to be a better indicator of influencing a QB’s play. According to PFF, 3 of the 5 OL surrendered at least 5 hurries or more, and 10 QB hits w/ a pressurized rate of 44 percentage, which is higher than RW’s career average of about 40 percentage. Regarding QB hits, so far, this season, RW has been hit 31 times. If this trend continues, that will be 165 total for the season. Let’s put that number into some perspective. In his first 5 years, RW has been hit about 400 times, which averages out to 80 per season. So far, the number has doubled. Don’t care who you are, if you keep getting your beats up like that, it will affect your performance.

    So I guess, based on Brian’s last week metaphor, the OL has improved by another .0001 millimeter if you measure its performance based on the number of sacks allowed.

    1. Another Great post- The Oline was better, But Ifiedi was weak all game – ands Britt had his worst game overall in over a year – On O it all starts up front !!!

  12. For once I am looking at the bright side. At least the offense got rolling in the 2nd half. Hopefully the coaching staff will watch some game film & make the necesary adjustments against the luck-less colts, a game we should dominate from start to finish. The D was great until Sherman’s outburst, I have faith they will get back to their dominate ways. However the O line will continue to be the achilles heal of this team until JS decides to dedicate more of the cap space to it, even if it means cutting some of the long time stars, sherman, graham & avril being the obvious choices. Of course, he cant do that until offseason, there are still 13 more games to suffer through..

  13. Requim to a Superbowl

    This should have been the year. Brady and Co are worse than they have been in 5 years. Green Bay injuries let lowly Cincinnati beat them. Only Atlanta looms formidable. Like the year that had the Kam holdout. Like last year with the Lynch messiness. Individual Seahawks have found ways to blow up the team, take away its focus, and have made the Seahawks unwatchable. Well, maybe next year guys. This year was projected as the return of the “have fun” year. Not, simply not, true. It s all about the Superbowl. Tell Jordan or Pippen about having fun. Or “Winning isn t everything, it s the only thing” Lombardi.

  14. Maybe instead of having a 4 hour team meeting day before game on how they should all protest, they should concentrate on the task at hand. Like there JOB!

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