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The Seahawks lost a bizarre season opener to the Denver Broncos on the road, so Brian Nemhauser, Jeff Simmons, and Nathan Ernst reunite to analyse the opening game as well as a special guest appearance from Seahawks beat writer Mike Dugar of The Athletic.

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One Response

  1. Joe

    Love you takes and listen to the podcast however, to me the latest show was… well to use Petes words, it needs to keep working.

    I listen to your show for, and I know this is crazy, your take.

    With a guest, not only am I listening to his take, but then you ask him all about the game, then give your take, Painful.

    If you must have a guest, do a round table but remember, we listen to your podcast for you.

    I am fine with the other guys, but also, discussing the game without having watched the game as the other guy did is also not a good look.

    This is given as suggestion from someone who intentionally reads and listens to you guys because like the takes.