Printable 2019 Seahawks Training Camp Roster & Tips

We are in the final countdown to the 2019 Seahawks training camp. Can you feel it? As someone who has attended a ton of these in the past, I have learned a few tips I wish I had known when I started. One of them was to have a printed roster in my hands to reference all the new faces and numbers buzzing around the field.

It’s especially helpful when going with folks who are not hardcore fans. Print a couple and hand them out. Even bringing some extra is a nice way to meet some friends and do a good deed for the day.

I’ve provided one below to download and print out. It has notes for every single player on the 90-man roster as of the date listed below.

Printable roster

Having a roster handout like this will help you know who all these unfamiliar players are. You will want to have this. Trust me! I’ve added my own notes on every player. This is especially useful for people who are bringing a loved one who is not as big of a fan as they are, so they can get an idea who is who.  Updated 7/31/2019 at 6:03AM


  • New rules last year, including what you can bring in (only clear bags like at the games, for example). Be sure to read the policy here.
  • Bring sunscreen
    • They supply sometimes, but don’t be caught without it!
  • Bring a chair
    • It’s not super comfortable to sit on the grass due to the angle. Maybe I’m just old.
  • Remember, this is general seating/standing
    • You do not have the right to the view in front of you. If someone is choosing to stand, move so you can see.
  • Wait for the three horns
    • The practices go longer than you think. It is not over until it’s over.
  • Use the bathroom on the way in
    • Otherwise, you have to walk all the way back down and around to get there, and you very well could lose your seat or your view
  • If you want autographs, head down to the fence early
    • It gets crowded quickly. Players are patient signing after practice, so don’t freak out if you have a few people in front of you.
  • Be sure you want to bring kids
    • This is not like a game. It’s pretty boring after the initial interest wears off. I see parents frustrated with their kids every year who end up spending the time entertaining their kids and don’t get to watch much practice. It can be amazing for the right kid who is obsessed with football, but don’t expect the average kid to enjoy it.
    • Come on folks. Consider the people around you. It’s one thing to stand so you can see. It’s another to erect a permanent barrier blocking dozens of people behind you.