Real Hawk Talk Episode 76: Previewing Seahawks vs Ravens with Special Guest Jim Nagy

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Jim Nagy, Senior Bowl Executive Director, joins the show to talk about his time as a Seahawks scout, and players to watch. Listen to the Hawk Talk crew breakdown all the important matchups for this week’s game: what players need to breakout, the keys to the game, and score predictions.

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  1. That segment with Nagy was gold. Great insights and the marketing guy in me appreciated his focus and that closing sales pitch……….very well done. Given that he values his contacts in the league, and on the Hawks especially, more than some guys on a podcast his comments about team choices/perspective were more revealing than I thought we’d get……………..if you listen between the lines. More stuff like that, please.

    There seems to be a fair amount of sturm and drang about the D line. Some is due and some is too focused on just the sack numbers. It’s better than many think though not as good as it will need to be as the season unwinds. I didn’t get to watch the game in real time so was able to do a little tighter focus on the dvr version. The D line seems slow to react/respond, giving the O line opposition a chance to set and hold a tad longer. Given PC comments about how they worried about Chubb in the run might explain that. If that’s true then they won’t look much better this week against the Ravens as they’ll focus, perhaps too much, on holding their gaps hoping to contain LJ. Even with Reed back, he’s not in game shape yet, no matter how confident he is. Unless they underestimate LJ like they did Kamara, they’ll be frozen momentarily while they wait to see if he runs. All the talk about his passing improving belies that he’s run for 460 ish yards so far. By comparison Russ is 151 or so.

    To my view it looks like Schotty has been given more autonomy this season. After the first two games of last season where PC, in his fatherly way, took him to the wood shed, he seemed sheepish in his job. However, he has developed what appears to be a terrific relationship with Russ, and his play calling has shifted to more of the passing style I think he would have liked to have done more of last season. Trust (in this case from PC) is a wonderful thing. Russ, as well, has shown more trust with more of his receiving corps. At the end of last season he almost exclusively passed to DB and Lockett, almost shutting out the other WRs, with light use of TEs. Now that he’s spreading it around more I think we’ll be in better shape to weather the loss of Dissly as long as Schotty will scheme to it. Added benefit is, with PC having more trust in Schottty, he’ll more likely just entrust the offense to his OC and go over to spend more time getting the D tuned up. I still contend that Norton is merely good to decent at his job. There’s a reason(s) PC passed over him for Kris Richard when Quinn left. He didn’t shine at Oakland (though I suspect Del Rio might have been part of that problem), and the brief job with the Niners was more of a consultancy than control. He might be a loyalty/sympathy hire with the hope that he would grow into the job with time and tutelage. We’ll see, but there isn’t any silver bullet solution to where we are, only the hope that the more highly skilled guys can perform at their max and keep the game close enough for the better regarded offense to do that shoot out stuff. Special teams…………….not so special…………..suck it up buttercup.

    Fans don’t seem to be aware of match up possibilities/probabilities as much as who the other team has played and what the score was. The Ravens have been uneven, though their profile appears similar to the Hawks, but LJ and their offensive schemes spec out as a real match up nightmare for the Seahawk style of play (at least as it’s been so far this year) . Could be a rough game.

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