Real Hawk Talk Episode 85: Beast Mode Returns to Battle 49ers?

Named Best Podcast in Western Washington by King5!

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Listen to the Hawk Talk crew breakdown all the important matchups for this week’s game: what players need to breakout, the keys to the game, and score predictions.

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  1. Rarely in life do you encounter a personality with enough gravitational pull to suck all the oxygen out of a room. And here he is…………….baaaacccckkkk!! Beast mode. A few thoughts popped into my head when the news rolled in last night when the signing actually happened.

    People are fantasizing about some sort of “redemption” play where Lynch gets the ball inside the two. The reality back then was he was only 48% effective at scoring from LOS inside the two. And that was with an O line better than the current diminished one. But I do have a vision of a play I’d love to see next Sunday night. Marshawn swings out to the right, blasts past the LOS, and the guy in front of him is Sherm. Normally Sherm is good at taking on a runner, but what does he do with his ol’ pal bearing down on him. Take the Beast on and ground him? Does he make a “business decision” and save his own life? Lynch flattens him and the crowd goes wild!!? Please let it happen………

    After the bed crapping that happened Sunday you have to know that a huge number of season ticket holders were dumping their tickets for the Niner game in the resale market. That all stopped last night. No matter what you think about this team and their chances against the Niners, Lynch gives hope no matter how unrealistic that might be. The sea of red at the Clink that the Niner trolls might have presented Sunday is going to be much smaller now.

    Imagine you are a producer or executive at NBC Sports. You politic the NFL hard to get the flex of the Seahawk/Niner game because of all the possibilities for a massive battle to take the NFC West lead and all it’s implication. Then the Cardinal game stinks up the entire world. You go from the elation of potentially setting a record rating for Sunday night games to “Oh Crap”, will we even have an audience? Then, along comes this curve from left field……………Marshawn Lynch gets the old band back together. Que the video of the Beast Quake! Play it endlessly to promo the Sunday night game. All the talking heads can’t stop pumping up the story. C’mon record breaking audience………..raise the advertising prices…………ring that cash register!

    I’m actually enjoying this, and, if nothing else the Lynch deal is a PR genius stroke. The Hawks are hurting and very likely only have two more games this season that won’t turn out all that well…………………………….but, they’re going out with style. Enjoy!!!

  2. Pete Carroll: Got the Hawks to the dance, then shot them in the foot.
    A mix of uncommon coaching talent mixed with fatal flaws. All too human and all the Status Quo apologists and Positive Pollys (as opposed to Negative Nellies) couldn’t put the Cardinal fiasco back together again. It’s like Schotty got an in-game memo: “Scoring an opening TD is not the Seahawk’s way. If you want to keep your job, go back to vanilla, asap.”

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