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The draft is complete, DJ Fluker was just cut, and reports are that Justin Britt was as well. Who might be next? And who might this cap space be used to sign?

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  1. Rowdy Yates

    PC has not, and probably will not fire the strength & conditioning coach whose track record is abysmal in both college and pro’s (a coach whose name I cannnot and do not want to remember), but a coach who has ties with PC going way back. Be prepared, therefore, for Seahawks to lead or be near the top of the list for league leading injuries again. Good luck, Penny, et al.

    Also, be prepared for 4th quarter and end of half coaching bloopers.

  2. Rowdy Yates

    No new articles here in half a month,but here’s a fresh comment:

    It’s politically correct to not criticize Clowney for “holding out,” but the repercussions of that “hold out” are real for the Seahawks. It could be argued convincingly, I think, that the NFL season extends beyond its scheduled games, as every team is shaped by the draft and free agency.

    Clowney tested the market. It wasn’t as warm as he had hoped, so now he’s been stalling for an extra million or three, whatever. Sure, he’s the best option, but he’s also an injury liability. What’s the over/under in Vegas, I wonder, for how many games he plays in 2020? (If the games are played). At this point, I say give the man a deadline, and cut bait on a me-first player with a bum knee if he doesn’t meet said deadline.

  3. Rowdy Yates

    So Quinton Dunbar—a victim of peer pressure? Or a bonehead’s bonehead?

    Either way, Jim Mora would be proud. Then again, Quinton may have been suffering from ACVS (Advanced Corona Virus Syndrome) wherein one is literally bored to death. At which point, he or she runs out of his or her cell/house without a mask, screaming, “Let’s commit an armed robbery today!” (One would hope that he/she forgot to wear their clothes when they ran screaming out of the house—-anything for an interesting visual, especially if one is suffering from ACVS).

    Hello. Is this thing on? (??)


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