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The boys are back and ready to discuss the recent bombshell that is the Jamal Adams trade.

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4 Responses

  1. Scott Crowder

    Great to have you guys back. Hello, Dayna, hope to see you again.
    My only fear is for Pete Carroll with this Covid virus. He’s taking a far greater risk than any of the players. I get the feeling that Pete will retire after next year regardless and John’s goal is Super Bowl now.

    As for empty arenas; first off, the Chargers won’t notice. They could slink back to San Diego and no one would know. As for the Seahawks, they dominated on the road last year and had troubles at home. So I’m not worried about them.

    Oh yeah, Jamal Adams. Heck yeah, I’m psyched!

    John Clayton tried to name them the Legion of Zoom, which is no bueno IMO. Not to mention way too soon. Let’s see if they deserve a nickname first and if so, find something new and original for them. Seadogs or something.

    As for who is the favorite, SF wasn’t even the better team last season. If the rules of the game had been enforced, the ref calls DPI on the Hollister play and we sweep SF. We’ve gotten better and they’ve not. Arizona has improved, but I don’t think by enough to surpass the Hawks. The Rams could be right in the middle of it. This is the toughest division in the NFL and that will let New Orleans coast to the 1 seed, but I see us winning our division.

    Unless, of course, Evan’s right about the defensive front four. But Evan forgets that we don’t have Ifedi on the oline. That makes us division favorites right there 🙂

  2. rowdy yates

    Pete “loves” the Hawk’s off season = Kool-Aid w/o sugar. It’s just borderline impossible to imagine Pete doing anything different. Like playing a different D, or not running up the gut on 3rd and 5 with one second left on play clock…Or realizing that he should delegate his weaknesses, as a coach. (Especially, when he thinks he doesn’t have any weaknesses). I was just reminded on another site , how his end of game/half’s are often mismanaged and sometimes cost the Hawk’s the game. Sometimes the Big Game.

  3. king.

    The season only counts if Seattle wins the Super Bowl.

    Pete can add to his legacy, but can’t tarnish it, regardless of outcome.


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