What would you say if I told you the Hawks will lose the division if they don’t win this game? Looking at the two teams schedules after today, that’s my assessment.

We all know if the Hawks win today, they clinch the division. We also know that if they lose, the Hawks could go 2-1, and still win the division unless the Cards went 3-0. That, unfortunately, sounds more encouraging than it should.

Take a look at their remaining schedules:

@ New Orleans
St. Louis

@ Carolina
@ Atlanta

The Cards would have to avoid a letdown against the Saints (without Reggie Bush), but would be heavy favorites in all three games. The Hawks are essentially a pick’em with the Panthers and modest favorites over the Ravens, leaving their only significant advantage game against the Falcons on the road. All in all, I’d really like to just avoid the conversation all together and see a Hawks win today.

Historically, the Hawks have struggled in “clinch” situations. I also think this is a Cards team that will force us to earn the win.

Things I’ll be watching for today:

– Green Bay score. Just because the players can’t scoreboard watch doesn’t mean I won’t be!

– Aggression on offense
I’ve gotten in a little debate with folks on the TNT blog about the apparent return to our old offensive philosophy. I mentioned it in my notes about the game last week, and I’ll say it again here. We need to retain the attacking style we adopted that started this streak. It’s been fading over the last two weeks. Hugh Millen made a good point that it’s easier to be pass first at home when you can make checks at the line and change protection easier. Hopefully, we’ll see that fast break offense.

– Going with the hot hand in the running game
Shaun had about 4 good runs out of his 20. Mo had good runs on 4 out of his 5. That, alone, tells me the balance should have been better between their attempts.

– Knock Warner’s block off
My buddy and I enjoy talking about the game a few years ago where Warner pulled his groin running away from a Hawks defender at Qwest. If we manage to get pressure on Warner, this game is definitely going to ours. I think that will be very difficult to do.

– Cover the freakin’ Tight End (especially in the red zone)
The Hawks have a maddening habit of forgetting the TE position exists in the red zone. The Browns game was a great example. We are likely to only see one of the two great Cardinal WRs, so I would expect to see Pope more. So should the Hawks.

– Field position
I don’t see this Cards offense beating us up and down the field. We can’t have crappy punts and/or turnovers like the Browns did last week.

This is a game the Hawks should win. They are the better team, and they are playing at home.

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  1. cwu91

    Chargers-Titans game a brutal affair…guys going after opposing players legs…QB’s getting knocked around and out. Helmuts detached and laying around.

    Some bad blood in this one

  2. cwu91

    Going max protect from the get-go….good to see weaver involved early.

    See if they run left

  3. cwu91

    Whoa….that was a text book example of not selling out on the play action…..way to go D!

  4. cwu91

    Ugly adjustment right there….if there coming up, why not audible into the gun and be done with it?

  5. cwu91

    Marcus, you gotta run to the first down marker…pound weaver here

  6. cwu91

    Kearney at it again. And a great return by Nate

    Nothing finer that december football with your team in the hunt. Hawks making a statement

  7. cwu91

    LOL, the weaver screen…how long have we been waiting for that???.and a TD by Branch.

  8. cwu91

    Keep your foot on their throat D! Should be some turnover opportunities

  9. cwu91

    Beware the screen here….wiz probably expects Marshall to bring extra pressure

  10. cwu91

    Up 20 at the half, playing at home. Should get it done if they maintain their intensity which has been a problem in the past (see NY Giants 05, or Dallas 04).

    Best half of the year, no question.

    Close it out guys.

  11. cwu91

    Empty backfield and a nice catch….Holmgren staying agressive

  12. cwu91

    Good coverage by scobey on ST….need to look at additional protection sets for Matt… a bit flighty right now

  13. cwu91

    Damn good pressure on that one…how did they not get Warner?

  14. cwu91

    Come on refs…….Fitz hasn’t been around that long and they were both going for the ball.

  15. cwu91

    Okay…..did they forget the onside ealier this year. Good pick tru

  16. cwu91

    There the 1st down…nice running by Mo. Restablish momentum

  17. cwu91

    Guy took a shot a Lofa’s head there after he was out of bounds…pure cheap shot

  18. cwu91

    Boy, Warner got absolutely hammered on that..WOOT another hatrick for Kearney

    And a safety will seal the deal

  19. cwu91

    Keaney, with the biggest of shit-eating grins on the sideline.

    What a beast.

  20. cwu91

    Can’t believe their still playing Warner….not too smart, imo

  21. cwu91

    Late TD by zona….too little, too late. A talented team with a bright future, providing they add a little more depth.

    Congratulations Seattle Seahawks…..the 2007 NFC West Champions!

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