8 bit highlights on 10/23/16

2 Responses

  1. Wally

    It was the ugliest game I’ve seen in a long time. How do you tie, when you’re at 3 to 0 going into the 4th quarter; they have double in yards and double in possession.
    The Seahawks offense was the worst ever. And I’ve been a Seahawk fan for 40 years. Hope they figure it out.

    • vidguyhawks

      What I don’t get is why we KEPT PASSING..it’s been VERY CLEAR Russell has not been his bionic self the last couple weeks, and it seemed we got decent rushing yards every time Michael touched the ball, yet we KEPT PLAYING TO ARIZONA’S STRENGTH and let the pass rush kill our O line, easily the weakest part of our offense. A frustrating game to be sure.