Analysis: Hackett out for an extended period

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I read on Frank Hughes blog that DJ Hackett has a high ankle sprain and will be out for a while (a month or longer). I mentioned my man crush on Nate Burleson earlier, but Hackett was my man last season. He was always good for a clutch catch and provided a consistent deep threat.

That said, there is no wide receiver we are so reliant on that we can’t handle an injury. Remember that we were without D-Jack and Engram for an extended period during the 2005 season and won a lot of games with Jerhame Urban and a young Hackett.

The silver lining here is that Ben Obamanu is the best kept secret on our team. Nobody will game plan for the guy, and he has the speed and playmaking ability to make people pay for putting a safety or dime back on him.