Gameday Thread: Seahawks @ Arizona

the soccer stadium with the bright lights

HawkBloggerWife has yielded the family room starting at 1:00 today. I will be kickin’ back in recliner, with laptop, remote and beer in tow. I’ll be posting thoughts about the game as I watch, and would love to hear yours.

I will create these game threads for each of the away games, so we can chat. I will also create some polls during the game (at least one) to make it a bit more interactive.

Pre-game thoughts:
Way too many people are writing the Cards off. We definitely should win this game, but it is not a gimme, by any stretch. Don’t forget those blown coverages last week by the Hawks, or the fast and aggressive defense from the Cards. All it takes is a few turnovers or big pass plays to make this a loss. That said, this is a game that a championship-level team wins. It’s a good early measuring stick for the Hawks and the division.