Observation from today, Seahawks lose 23-20

1. Cardinals offensive line dominated our d-line
This will get analyzed all week. It is simply inexcusable to get that little pressure on the QB *AND* play the run so poorly. Zero sacks. 132 yards rushing against. That basically means we got whupped.

2. Hasselbeck is off to a great start
He had another fantastic day leading the team to this comeback. Nearly 300 yards and zero interceptions. Except for the fluke play we lost on, he was in command in the second half.

3. Deion Branch showed his worth
Branch made some clutch plays and some big plays. Let’s see if it can happen with some consistency.

4. Play calling was putrid in the first half
Draw plays to Mack or Shaun on 2nd and 20 is not going to work. Please stop trying. Deep fly routes from our own 1-yard line are extremely low percentage. This offense is about the 5-25 yard routes and the running game. When we have Hackett and Obamanu, we can consider some deep shots. But even then, we should be moving the ball with our bread-and-butter first.

5. Shaun’s got a problem
I don’t care what the injury is. I just know he was clearly playing cautiously. He wouldn’t even put his hand down to get up off the turf. He repeatedly waited for o-lineman to help him stand up.

6. The Bengals scored 45 today.

7. Tatupu is off to great start as well
He made some great plays, and was one of the only defenders that seemed to show up today. His INT was nearly the play of the game. The Hawks were on the ropes when he made a great play on that ball.

8. The Cardinals running success was *NOT* because Bryce Fisher was traded
We saw this same sort of rushing defense last year with Fisher in the lineup. There is no defensive end that is that critical to the run defense, even if he plays tackle on occasion.

9. Last two scores were field goals instead of TDs
That lack of execution in the red zone turned into a major issue. You could feel the momentum slow when that first field goal was kicked to tie the game.

10. This loss looks even scarier when looking at the schedule
The Hawks better bounce back strong, or they could be looking at 1-4 really easily. Bengals next week, then @ 49ers, then @ Steelers.

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  1. Hawkblogger – thanks for having a game thread open today.. was nice having a place to vent a bit!!!

    I agree with your assessments. I was most concerned with three things you mentioned:

    1: our run defense – particularly up the middle – our line was pushed around on those plays – not terribly encouraging. When our D gets a chance to pursue a bit, we do better, but not on the runs up the gut.

    2: big plays on D – pass plays giving up 3rd and long conversions – long runs, etc… l

    These two concern me because they were the same problems as last year and we supposedly spent money to fix them.

    I hope we become more of a bend-don’t-break, big play D of ’05, but the cringing pessimist in me is uneasy, to be sure.

    2: The sluggish offensive starts – particularly the hesitant run game.

    I know Shaun is generally a slow starter, but we can’t afford half-time stats of 10 rushes for 10 yards with a long of 6 yards.

    I know his wrist is hurt, and mo-mo’s out, so perhaps that had more of an affect today than we give credit.

    Let’s hope mo-mo’s back next week and we see an improvement in Weaver’s contribution.

    Just my measly two-cents worth.

    Now, back to my drink!!!

  2. That was a tough game to stomach…just when we thought we were seeing our tenured, playoff tested troops heading downfield for a victory the Seahawk of old showed its ugly face (or beak, if you will). It felt a lot like watching the Mariners a couple games out of the AL West race get swept at home by the division leader and then rip off a huge losing steak. Ah…Fall is in the Seattle air.

    OK, so maybe this game isn’t as bad as it seems. I’d rather have this loss in week 2 than at the end of the season, when it could mean the difference between going to the playoffs or heading home. The second half comeback was impressive and the line gave Matt a good deal of time in the 2nd half to make good decisions.

    Red zone scoring needs to come around. A healthy receiving group gives the Hawks a lot more options…I bet we see improvement here. Come on Holmgren – go for the 4th and 1 and put the game to bed.

    Does anyone remember seeing if the fumbled hand-off to Shaun hit him on the casted hand?

    What’s the appropriate amount of sulking time after this type of defeat? It ruined my whole day.

  3. The best way to get over a loss like this is a win next week. That, and rockin’ out with your kid on the guitar and drums.

    Kids (and wives) have a funny way of forcing you to try to grow up and get over it.

    Even with that, though, I can almost guarantee I will lose some sleep tonight thinking about what could have been.

  4. Ditto to what Magoogirl said….nice work with the blog.

    Sometimes, things happen that leave you scratching your head, particularly with such a well coached team as Holmgren’s.

    The Hawks have, for the most part, been money closing out games like this over the last two seasons…before that, it seemed they were frequently the recipient of the short stick.

    Here’s another example of a “miscommunication”…anyone remember this one, LOL?.


    Should be barnburner next week..

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