Game Thread: Rams @ Seahawks

My KangarooTV is updated. The winless Rams are in town talking about being in the division race. Shaun Alexander is talking about hesitating longer before hitting the hole. Mike Holmgren is considering using Courtney Taylor more and Nate Burleson less. The Seahawks are 3-3 and fighting for self-respect (league respect is not realistic anytime soon). Let’s play some football!

One thing you all should know is that I hate the Rams. I hate their smug attitude still left over from when they mattered. I hate Marc Bulger and his ass face. I even hate their uniforms. That is why it is going to be all the more enjoyable when we shove their helmets in the fake grass at Qwest today.

The Hawks have only themselves to blame for letting a team like the Rams talk about being in the NFC West race. Only the most blindly optimistic fan would still think the Hawks are among the NFC’s best teams after the last two weeks. No team falls behind 21-0 in consecutive weeks without some serious flaws.

That said, I think Matt and Co. are going to walk all over the Rams today. The only thing that give me pause is the history of close games between these two teams.

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