Game Thread: 49ers @ Seahawks

Greetings on this windy Monday morning. Forecasts are calling for rain and wind all day. Are we still sure about that 60-40 pass/run split? The Hawks have essentially two problems right now: they can’t run the ball and they can’t get a consistent pass rush. Now, these problems lead to other problems like not sustaining long drives, or executing in the red zone or getting other offenses off the field on third down. Despite all these things, we should wax the 49ers tonight.

This is a fatally flawed 49ers team with no reason to expect a turnaround on the road tonight. This is not like the Saints team that came in here with legitimate weapons who had been underperforming.

Since winning a game we should win does not excite me all that much, I will be looking to see a few things:

1) MoMo running the ball
I don’t expect him to be a savior, but it will be interesting to see if there is a difference.

2) Weaver and MoMo catching the ball
I really like the split back formation with these two in there. Both are willing blockers and both are threats to run or catch out of the backfield. Weaver has a chance to become more prominent in the gameplan.

3) Time of possession
I don’t care if we run the clock all day, but moving to pass first could be a serious detriment if we end up with a bunch of quick 3 and outs that leave our defense on the field all day.

I will be at the game, and I’ll try to post some observations once I get back.