Observation from today, Seahawks win 24-19

People (myself included) spend way too much time picking apart wins. I’ve learned to crack open a beer and just enjoy it. Today was a perfect example of why. The Hawks came out flat. They made a lot of mistakes and a lot of *bad* mistakes, but they wind up with a pretty nice little victory.

Even my 6-year-old got into it. His buddy was over and they came down to beg for some time on the Wii. I made it clear that wasn’t going to happen until after the game, so they settled in for the last couple minutes and joined me in jumping up and down and screaming after the fateful fumble. That’s what keeps me coming back.

  • Nice game for Kelly Jennings today. This is the second straight week I’ve seen him making some really nice breaks on the ball. The secondary has really been solidifying.
  • Kearney has officially earned his contract with a 10.5 sack season (with 5 games to go). He has an outside shot at the Michael Sinclair’s sack record (16). If nothing else, teams will need to start gameplanning for him, which should open up other guys (Julian, LeRoy, Tapp) to pick up their pressure.
  • Hackett’s injury is a big deal. That guy has been a real difference maker since he came back.
  • We averaged 4.8 YPC. The difference in our running game has everything to do with our passing game and a little to do with Shaun.
  • How does STL end up with 3.4 YPC when they had a 53-yard run? That means they averaged 1.7 YPC on their other 30 carries. Not bad defense, especially considering Jackson really looked like he came to play early in the game.
  • This has to be a Seahawks record for punt/kick returns for TDs in one season.

It should be an interesting game against the Eagles next week. A win would give the Hawks four in a row, and five wins in six games with the only loss being in OT to Cleveland. The Hawks are now 4-1 in the division and 6-2 against the NFC. The Cards are in OT with 49ers as I type, and are going to be 3-1 against the division and 4-4 against the NFC at best.