Game Thread: Ravens @ Seahawks

It looks like anyone covering the Seahawks this week is required to write about how this team is weaker than you might think and that our running game is weak. Let me also inform you that Paul Allen is rich, we’re hurting from the loss of Steve Hutchinson, and that injuries can effect your team’s performance.

At the risk of repeating myself as well, the Hawks are now 9-2 when scoring 20 or more points this year (28-4 over the last three seasons), and 0-3 when scoring less than 20 (3-11 over the last three seasons).

You can look for more details here:

That’s pretty decisive. It cuts through home and away, with Hutch and without, with a pass rush and without. I’ll have to do some more digging to see what the patterns are that lead to us scoring less/more than 20 points.

I continue to think that we are a very good team when we cut loose with the passing game. Despite the perception, that simply has not been the case for the past few games. In fact, we are almost 20 yards *under* our season avg in passing yards the last three games, and have had a YPA under 6 in three of the past four. A ton of that has to do with play calling. Holmgren has absolutely returned to his old form. His commitment to this new style is *WAY* more influential on our season that Shaun and the running game.

I expect to see us win today, but if the Ravens are still in the game after the first half, this could be a much tougher contest. Expect a lot of running game from them. It won’t be entirely unlike facing the Vikings (crappy young QB, good RB, good defense). Okay, so it won’t be anything like that with their defensive injuries, but you get the point.

Enjoy, folks.